DIY: How to Make Artificial Grass at Home

Landscaping is an integral part of modern residences and spaces today, and artificial grass is one of the coolest ways to have that exciting look. However, synthetic grass does not always come cheap when you decide to buy it. Well, the good thing is that even if you do not have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy artificial grass, there is still hope. This is because you can make your artificial grass using simple materials and items. This piece is going to provide information on how you can get this done. 

With simple items, you can make your fake grass and look just as nice as the real one. You can make use of artificial grass in your residential spaces, school grounds, decorations, models, or typical arts or craft items. 

Things You Need to Make Your Artificial Grass

  • Coconut rope: This is made from fibers from the coconut, and they offer a real look, and that explains their choice for this project. 
  • Scissors
  • Green coloring material

Procedure: Artificial Grass

  1. Get your coconut rope from any local market or store around you; make sure that you are getting the long one. 
  2. Get your scissors and cut the coconut rope, do the cutting so that each piece will have a measurement of about 10 centimeters. 
  3. Open up the curls of the ropes’ pieces then transform them; the transformation should turn the pieces into fibers. 
  4. Get your green coloring material into a container. Then put all the fibers that you have and pour them inside the container. The essence of this is to ensure that they take up the green coloring properly. You have to ensure that the fibers soak up the coloring fully before you get them out of the container. 
  5. Bring out the fibers and allow them to dry. You can choose to spread the fibers out in the sun or use drying machines if you want a quicker drying rate. 
  6. Once the fibers are dry, get them in your hands and roll them to change the shape. 
  7. You already have your fake and artificial grass at this stage, and you can make use of it in any project or model tasks that you have set out. 

The amount of coconut rope or coloring material you will use will depend on the application you want to do. You may need a relatively small quantity if the area that you want to work on is tiny. If you are going to cover huge areas, then you will need to purchase the items in mass, so that the materials can be adequate. 

Another technique that you can make use of is to use foam or sponge instead of coconut fiber. Once you get the foam or sponge material, you proceed to get a grater then you make use of the grater to shred the foam into pieces. This way, you will get the same texture as the artificial grass, even if coconut rope is not present. 

The next thing for you to do is to put the shredded foam inside a container of green coloring material and mix it. This will allow the foam or sponge to soak up the green color, which will make it look pretty much like a plant. Once again, you will base the quantity of the sponge or foam that you are going to procure on the size of the fake grass that you have in mind – the same thing applies to the paint material. So, as you can see, you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on buying artificial grass when you can make your own. 

Synthetic grass is undoubtedly an efficient option over natural lawns. It is more cost-effective, easy to install, and requires less maintenance. Alternatively, you can get artificial grass in San Jacinto, CA the best price. 

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