DIY: How to build a wrestling ring in your backyard?

Wresting is an exhilarating and favorite sport that can be exercised even in the backyard if a fit ring is available. Building a wrestling ring is not a very difficult job. If basic materials and tools are present, you can complete the task within a few hours. Following is a step by step guideline for building an outstanding wrestling ring.

  1. First, an appropriate location has to be chosen for the ring. A backyard is a suitable option. 
  2. Next, all the dirt, grass, sharp objects, weeds, and unnecessary objects have to be removed. Sharp objects can injure you in real, and you should clean them right away. 
  3. It would help if you properly leveled the area. 
  4. Next, take the measurements of the cleaned and level area dimensions. All you need to do is measure the eventual ring size and mark it. It will depend on the available amount of space. 
  5. Take a thick foam of 1.5-2 inches and cut according to ring dimensions. If you don’t have a 2-inch thick foam available, you can stitch two or more thinner sheets. It will do the work. 
  6. Later, you should cover all sides of the thick foam with waterproof material. The ring is in your backyard and exposed to numerous climatic conditions. It will help if you cover it adequately with a suitable waterproof material. 
  7. Ensure that you don’t have any gaps on the edges of the covering, or else the rainwater can penetrate and destroy the foam. Use a sewing machine, if possible. 
  8. Next, pick clean plywood and cut it in equal dimensions as the foam. 
  9. Put the foam over the plywood and paste it. 
  10. Mark the plywood’s four corners and dig a 1-foot deep hole on each marked region. Add some cement in the hole and fill the remaining space with dirt. Give it around 72 hours to dry.
  11. Cover each post with foam. Use elastic bands or glue to stick it. 
  12. Next, place a hook on the outer corners of the post. The hook’s height has to be measured to ensure other hooks are also the same.
  13. The ropes forming the ring’s outer boundary have to be attached to these hooks. 
  14. The number of hooks on the posts depends on the number of ropes you are using. There are usually around five ropes attached. When the ropes have been tied, the wrestling ring is now ready to use.

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