DickPrint founder Alex John: “All men need inspiration to pursue greatness”


NYK Daily had the pleasure of interviewing DickPrint founder Alex John. The California based anesthetist has established a side hustle that’s making waves in the menswear and athletic apparel industry. With a brand name you certainly couldn’t miss, paired with a commitment to unrivaled quality and comfort, the up-and-coming brand is turning heads and standing apart from the competition. Read on to hear all about the brand’s beginnings and what it is that makes them so different.

Tell us when and how the idea for DickPrint came about?

The idea for DickPrint came about many years ago but did not take action until 2017 when I would get frustrated working at a major trauma center as an anesthetist in the trauma operating and burn operating rooms. The frustration was because the temperature is typically cranked up in the operating room for better homeostasis for the patients but created a sweltering sauna type environment for me. As a result, my undergarments were always soaking wet from sweat. To make matters even worse, if I had a “call room” visit from the nurse I was dating at the time, or a date planned, or some social event, I lacked confidence because of moisture on my undergarments, questionable hygiene, and the look of my underwear overall. So, I started researching. I found that most brands did not carry underwear that served the dual purpose of performance and appearance. It was either sportswear or everyday wear. From that moment, I decided to create a brand of men’s underwear that did just that… create high performance underwear from well sourced fabrics, encouraging men to be desirable and feel sexy as they transition from performance activities to social events, while inspiring them to greatness through their own actions.

How did you choose the name? That’s sure to turn some heads!

The name came after I had ordered pre-production samples of our Luxe Life Underwear and wore a pair on a date. During a conversation, she told me that she didn’t hear what I was saying because she had been distracted by my DickPrint. I was shocked at first but then flattered at the same time by her compliment. Her response was genuine as I later realized that the fabrics I had selected to help reduce moisture, help regulate my temperature, and serve the purposes of performance, appearance, and also elicits such compliments.

What did you think was missing currently in the men’s underwear and apparel industry?

Basically, fabrics that performed as an athlete would expect but designed and made for everyday guys for regular wear for work, going on dates, or lounging around for example. Guys need the moisture wicking, and cooling underwear that athletic underwear offer but they don’t always want to look like they have just left the gym. They want underwear that is appealing with the above benefits.

What makes DickPrint different? How does it stand apart from the hundreds of other men’s apparel brands?

DickPrint is different because it is a brand that delivers the whole package… Our fabrics are performance tested for athletes but our design is for regular wear to help transition into social events for every day guys.

What does DickPrint’s message of “modern masculinity” and “be a man” mean to you?

There are many different kinds of men in today’s world and the definition of what being a man is cannot be put into a box anymore. Modern masculinity is a reminder for all men to be unapologetic, while doing their own thing, and living for themselves. The only way to make an impression that counts is through authenticity. To focus and live life on their own terms.

Most women know a man in their life with raggedy old underwear – why do you think this is an aspect to men’s fashion that many overlook?

Not all men take the time to care about the underwear they are wearing because they don’t think it matters, and they don’t think anyone notices. The truth is women pay attention and are fundamentally aware and turned off by men with raggedy underwear. Further, whether they are aware of it or not, most men effortlessly engage in strenuous activities throughout their day resulting in sweating. We are men. We sweat. That is why this brand focuses on the fabrics that reduce moisture, regulate temperature, delivers excellent fit, boosts personal hygiene, advanced tailoring to limit chafing, and a selection of staple prints that give guys the style they need to not be boring and feel confident.

What makes DickPrint so well suited to athletes? Do you think underwear is something that has previously been overlooked in athletic attire?

DickPrint is well suited for athletes because our fabrics are manufactured for performance. Athletic attire for men in today’s market is not multipurpose or simultaneous for everyday wear. DickPrint offers that. I think underwear is something that athletes have previously overlooked because they are looking for something to get the job done. Performance. They spend many hours at the gym and playing sports and they grab plain athletic underwear out of necessity. Now we can join the two worlds of fashion and sports.

Just how much of a difference to a man’s lifestyle do you think the right kind of underwear can make?

I think it can make a tremendous difference. The brand of underwear that men wear matters and makes a difference because women cringe at the idea of men with poor hygiene and poor self-care. Men don’t think that women pay attention but they do. Our brand helps make an impression and shows that men care about hygiene, health, fitness, and tailoring.

What does this business venture and the brand mean to the founder/s personally?

This brand is something I have been looking for and have not found anywhere else. Our products are soft and comfortable to wear under clothes and does not bunch. It is a brand that boosts confidence while serving a functional purpose of keeping you dry and fresh.

How does it relate with your passions and interests?

It relates to my personal interests in that I want to always feel like I am put together. Whether I am lounging in my house, working 20 hours a day, out on a date, or traveling the world. I want to feel comfortable and confident. Other brands may have been comfortable but I was not confident in how I looked in them. This brand gives me the confidence I needed in social or intimate settings. Premium high-performance underwear is important to all men because by nature, we tend to be very active and sweat a lot. Further, all men need a reminder that they are desirable and that they make impressions every day. All men need inspiration to pursue greatness.

Find out more about DickPrint on the website.

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