Creativity and Innovation: The Surprising Role of Surroundings

Do you know what makes you more creative sometimes as opposed to some other days? The explanation is not easy to figure out. One day you may find you are more productive when working in a more relaxed workplace, and the next day low lighting appears to work best. However, some research in his area can give you some guidelines and a few unusual observations. It was shown that your surroundings have an enormous impact on your creative levels.

Effect of Noise Levels on Inventiveness and Creativity

Contrary to popular belief, working in silence is not absolutely the best for creative thinking. You don’t want your work area to be extremely silent or remarkably loud because creativity will hurt. Preferably, it would help if you had ambient noise levels to help you become more productive and creative. A modest noise level can even improve execution level while you are at work. A study done on NYK Daily’s Facebook Page showed that 60 decibels might be an excellent noise level.

Lighting affects creativity

Studies have also revealed that when lighting is shadowy, creativity is improved. A school of thought believes that you can reduce stressful feelings with lower light as you become free with your thinking. Additional research has shown that creative feel free when the lights are relatively dim. Give this a try yourself. Sit in a dimmed room for around ten minutes. See if your ideas and feelings improve.

Colors do matter

The perfect colors for improving your creativity are green and blue. One doesn’t need to daydream, looking at the sky, or go to the ocean, as even just a photo of green meadows and the blue sky can spur creative thinking. A red surrounding will also help for projects with a lot of detail needed. Red is a refreshing color that can actually increase adrenaline and raise some people’s blood pressure.

Creativity and a Cluttered Room.

Some people flourish creatively working in a disordered workspace. Many people are convinced that a neat, organized workspace is best for thinking but are surprised about the impact of a cluttered area. It is as though the clutter in the room attracts your attention to new features that you may not have seen before. In turn, this arouses your creative juices. Another idea originating from disorganization is having many photos and collectibles that could push ideas of memories, and even disorganization of these memoirs can cause chaos that can lead to creative thinking. Personalization of your office space at home may be exactly what you need, but an executive may frown on any derangement.

Traveling and Creative Thinking

You may not be shocked to find out that touring to new places of the world has a fantastic effect on our brain. In new nation-states or even parts of your own nation, the different experiences of music, food, culture, even geography has a significant impact on creativity. Those who study the brain can attest to neural pathways being stimulated by change. New traditions, speech patterns, and ideas that are unique to you will also get you thinking creatively. More communications with new people and culture also add to extraordinary inventiveness. Immersion of oneself into other cultural activities or experiences can generate fresh ingenuity and ideas.

If you feel that your passionate idea creation skills are lacking, why not try one of the above tips to increase them. You never know what will eventually help your creativity.

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