Colombian president calls for reactivating economy in 2021

Colombia's President Ivan Duque speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bogota, Colombia

Colombian President Ivan Duque on Thursday called on workers to strive to reactivate the economy in 2021, as part of his New Year’s message to Colombians.

“We are capable of overcoming the obstacles that 2020 has brought us and a year of hard work awaits us, but also a year in which we will reap all that we have been able to build in solidarity,” said Duque.

“This is the moment to demonstrate that recovery is possible with everyone’s work, that for Colombians no challenge is too big,” he added.

Duque took stock of his administration’s performance in 2020, highlighting progress made in infrastructure, energy and connectivity, among other areas.

He also acknowledged the sacrifice of essential workers who kept the economy going and society functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic, including nurses and doctors, farmers, soldiers, police officers, owners of key businesses and teachers.

“Through your work, Colombia continued to grow and move forward,” said Duque.

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