Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

You will have a great time with your partner and you will enjoy it to the fullest. You will need to take steps to build an even happier relationship with your partner. It is important to be understanding of your partners’ needs & wants and to act accordingly. This will help you draw your partner closer to you. It’s a great week for those who are willing to get married. All your plans will get executed well. You should not get into unnecessary arguments with your colleagues and friends. If you are planning a child, it is a very auspicious phase to go ahead with it. It is also a good time frame for singles. Mutual love and understanding will prevail and there will be a good response from the other side. As the week moves ahead, your life partner will support you wholeheartedly.


Learning won’t be easy if you don’t have any interest in the learning process. Don’t push yourself to study much as it will affect your concentration. Take whatever you are studying very seriously as it will help you later on. Also, don’t become overconfident with your preparations as it may lead to difficult situations. As a last-minute exercise, be sure that you take up mock tests. This way you will come to know about the areas wherein you need more attention. The parents who also are teachers may have to wear multiple hats this week. On one end, you will have to manage your school, on the other hand, you will need to take care of your kids and their requirements. You will have to be very careful about your dual role, as you will have to fully practice what you preach. If you follow this, your name and fame will improve. The students who are pursuing Accounts or Mathematics will do well in their preparations. You may also score very high.


You are advised to give proper attention to your health this week. If you are working till late, stress may affect you and take a toll on your health. Remember that only good health can keep you motivated to perform well at work, say your weekly predictions. Besides, elders should be careful with their meals and medication. Always visit a doctor even if you have a minor health issue. If you want to lose weight, you should not skip meals too much. Skipping meals should be avoided and you should take proper diet or else you may become weak. If you are looking after your ageing parents, you will have to ensure that they get the right treatment as per their medical needs. You should take all the necessary precautions as advised by the doctor. You should not be lenient with yourself when it comes to health and well-being. Be very careful and ensure that you follow all the medical advice given to you by the doctor.


You will earn a good amount of money from additional sources this week. Irrespective of whether you are into business or are self-employed, you will earn good revenues and that too quite consistently. One advice is that you should make sure that you account every income that you earn in the self-employed category. This week will provide a great time to people who are planning their business deals. They are likely to earn good profits through these deals and that too for the long run. Your past investments will yield some unexpected monetary gains, which will enable you to spend some extra bucks on your domestic life, as per the weekly predictions. If you wish to save some money then be ready to control your expenses effectively. Do not take any loan from anyone to meet your expenses. This can backfire on you this week.


You should keep your eyes and ears open. Only then you can get the boost which you have been seeking for a long time. There is a possibility that you will see major progress in your business this week. If you are into a job, you may try your level best to impress your superiors. If you want to make a favourable impression on them and be in line for a promotion, then do the very best this week. Those of you who are planning a business partnership should document all their deed agreements in the paper. This will be helpful to you in case you get into any legal issues or some disputes in the days to come. If you are looking for some new opportunities, then the second half of the week seems promising. Even your friends may help you in this endeavour.

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