Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2021


Love and Relationships

The people of this particular moon sign may be driven by the desire to be loved and appreciated. You love being the centre of attention however sometimes you become arrogant and hurt other people’s feelings. So, you are advised to take care of their feelings and respect their views and thoughts. Otherwise, it may disturb your personal and professional relationship. At the same time, you may be a very caring partner and win the heart of your spouse. Love and romance may be important for those who are dating, it may bring some freshness to your life.


You will be good at both: whether it’s passing examinations with good marks or choosing the right course to get admitted to your favourite. Your sincerity may help you achieve your goals. Your mental agility and enthusiasm may be on the peak. Teachers and classmates may encourage you to continue working hard with passion and zeal. You may achieve everything that you aim for with your mental strength. Success in competitive exams will determine your abilities and efforts. You can attend more extra classes if you are appearing for a competitive exam. This may improve your fortunes.


If you are prone to heart and spine ailments, you are advised to take proper steps to avoid health issues in these areas. You may also get depressed which is the root cause of several ailments. So, you are suggested to take all the steps which can keep you calm and cool. You should eat foods which are rich in carbohydrates and a lot of vegetables for the iron content. You have to be very careful about your food and diet. Again you should avoid driving if you are drunk.


This week may allow you to save more money. You may have multiple sources of income which may help you earn and live quite a comfortable life. However, you should spend money in a planned manner and after crystallising your priorities. The people who are in MNCs may get incentives which may help you lead a comfortable life. If you are investing in debt schemes, your income may increase. You should make no mistake, you should try to overcome your financial expenditure to make maximum gains.


This month may show you as a born leader. You may radiate power and majesty. As you are warm-spirited and eager to leap into action, this great quality of your character may help you perform in a better manner on the professional front. As you are highly ambitious and always strive to reach the very top in your chosen field, so this week you may get an opportunity where you can prove your abilities. Take the right approach in your life, fortune may favour you all the more.

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