Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

This may be a favourable week for your love life. As the week progresses, the transiting Venus will enliven your spirit. You may become more outgoing, positive and energetic. This week is also good for exploring new areas of life to stimulate your love life. Ensure that you put in all the efforts to enhance your relationship and understand what your partner wants from you. At the same time, be careful in relationships and move your steps one by one around the middle of the week. You will feel happy and satisfied in your relationships at the end of the week.


You may make good progress in your education during the week. Planets will be supportive right from the beginning of the week. You should make good use of whatever opportunities you get. It may prove to be a blessing for you. You will come closer to your dreams as a result of your hard work and sincerity. The time is perfect for you to appear in entrance exams or competitive exams. You will secure a very high grade to get into the stream which you wish to enter. You will be very much clear about the choice and direction in which you want to go ahead. Even luck will favour you, in a big manner.


You will enjoy good health this week. However, you may pursue a lot of activities and thus may end up scattering your energies into many activities. Your energy may burn out due to too many social interactions or constant work pressure. You will have to be extra careful about your health in the period around the weekend. You may face health issues which may be more likely due to some emotional draining. Despite some fluctuations in your health, you will be able to keep things firmly under control during this week.


This week is the ideal time to put into action a long-pending plan to push ahead your financial prospects. However, you will need to keep exerting more and more, to achieve your desired level of success during the initial phase of the week. At the same time, you will need to exercise due caution while extending credit or making any important financial deals. A new opportunity will be in the offing for you around the middle of the week. There may be some additional opportunities for financial gains, however, you should take major decisions only after due deliberations as this week seems slightly complicated.


On the career front, this week will begin on a positive note. You may become more productive in your work, you will enjoy the fruition of your hard work and labour. However, from around the mid-week, professional life may become more hectic. Delays and difficulties in getting the desired recognition in your profession may hamper your growth and development. Also, there will be more pressure to perform and you may have to stay back for extra hours to accomplish the work allotted to you or some additional work which may be under your purview. You may be able to gain positive results owing to your smart moves. However, around the end of this week, you may undertake some impulsive actions which may put you in difficulties. So, you are advised to act wisely when the week comes to an end.

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