Can Jarl Jensen Fix the World with a Single Idea?

Jarl Jensen, Danish-American Author, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Thought Leader

The world has seen many maestros over the years who have proved their worth by outperforming others. Few global personalities, throughout history, have cemented their influence by innovating some of the world’s best inventions and creations.

The competition to emerge as a global personality today has become intense and fierce. People are required to prove themselves in more than one field and think outside the box to stand out from the rest. One personality who successfully managed to do that is the Danish-American author, entrepreneur, inventor, and most importantly, Thought Leader – Jarl Jensen.

Notable inventions of the last century have all produced consumer-oriented products. As earth shattering as many of these revolutionary products have been, none of them have solved society’s biggest problems such as poverty, war, global debt, trade imbalances, wealth disparity, global warming, and many other problems that continue to plague the modern world. Where thought leaders of the past turned ideas into products, Jensen has taken a different road and may have found a solution to solve society’s biggest problems. Jensen has transformed his ideas into stories and brought his stories to life through his books. With his creative ideas, he has portrayed a new vision for America and the world. His first book, ‘Optimizing America’, has captivated and enlightened the hearts and minds of readers across the country. This book has become an eye-opener for many as it discusses the problems, failures, and solutions to help make the world a better place.

Perceiving the World Through the Eyes of An Inventor

Born in New Jersey on July 22, 1971, Jarl Jensen was an extremely intelligent kid. He spent his early years in Denmark and still considers it his home. Extraordinary thinking and an ability to look at things from a different perspective, came to him naturally. He was highly intellectual, which reflected in other aspects of his life.  Jensen was introduced, at an early age, to the notion of ideas and inventions. Jarl was greatly inspired by his father, who had been an engineer and an inventor who had garnered many patents over the course of his career. Inspired by his father, he contributed to a patent at sixteen.

Jensen’s career took off as he became the Research and Development Manager of Euromed.  He went on to become the CEO in 2004 when the profit of the company drastically increased after he joined. Jarl redesigned the product lines, improved quality, reduced the costs by 50%-60%, and made Euromed one of the top medical device manufacturing companies in the industry.  His expertise and guidance made the company grow and improve to dramatic heights. From earning six digits to earning eight digits, the company’s sales skyrocketed as the it hit $20 million in revenue, but Jarl had bigger dreams to achieve. In 2016, he sold his company for 17x earnings to a publicly traded company.

The Journey from an Inventor to a Successful Thought Leader

Working in the business sector for 16 years proved to be fruitful for Jarl. He learned various business lessons and witnessed the American economy during many major global events. It became clear to Jensen that there must be something fundamentally wrong with the systems that guide progress and control resources for so many problems to persist and pester humanity in the modern world. Jarl finally concluded that not only is America flawed but so is the rest of the world. He knew that if his kids where going to grow up in a successful and prosperous society, the world’s economic system had to be fixed. 

Armed with an idea, Jarl Jensen saw a new path forward for America and the rest of the world.  He believed sharing these thoughts and ideas with the world was essential and important. Jarl wanted to educate the world about the economy and how it operates. With great cause comes great sacrifice; although, his business was at the peak and generating more revenue than expected, Jarl decided to sell off his company and embarked on a journey to become a great ‘Thought Leader’.

In his second book, ‘Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil’, Jensen tells a story of how this new economic model would work. The characters are lively and amusing, and the story illustrates to the reader how the world could work if the new economic concepts were used.  The best thing about these economic concepts is that they put people first.  

Innovate. Patent. Prosper.

Jarl Jensen doesn’t just write books. He also leads a product development team at his company, Inventagon. His team has developed cosmetic products, medical devices, and life extension health technologies.  Having an extensive list of capabilities, this team can meet any challenge. 

In order to efficiently produce products, advanced engineering capabilities are required.  Inventagon utilizes three-dimensional computer aided design, modeling, and printing.  Combined with electrical engineering and embedded software programming, there is almost nothing this team can’t figure out how to make. 

At the core of Inventagon’s capabilities is ideas and ideation.  This is where Jensen plays the key roll.  It is no wonder that Inventagon has the reputation for making the impossible, possible.  His unique ideas have issued patents that have retailed sales of over one billion dollars; however, there was one idea Jensen could not turn into a product.  That idea was to engineer the economy for the people and for the sake of a more prosperous modern society.

The Big Solution

As an inventor, his out-of-the-box ideas led him to create a fictional storyline that revolved around America’s unpredictable economy. In his book, ‘The Big Solution’, Jarl accurately describes America’s Economy with conversational language and vivd imagery that anyone can understand. This book has been labeled, world changing. This book provides people with a newfound perspective, and new possibilities start to emerge and become apparent to all readers.   As the third book in ‘The Wolfe Trilogy’ book series, “Justin Wolfe’, serves as Jensen’s titular main character. This book series is a unique infusion of fiction, nonfiction, and educational reading. The book’s premise is quite tantalizing and is capable of drawing the reader in for a closer look:

Is the world’s collective belief system actually bringing humanity to the brink of catastrophe?”

His first book, ‘Optimizing America’, reflects the inventor’s observation of America’s declining economy not only through the perspective as a leader in manufacturing, but also in its ability to create a free and fair society. This book is characterized by a charming writing style that allows complicated concepts to be expressed in a way that is enlightening, fun, and educational. 

Jensen also crafted two booklets, ‘Hacking the American Economy: Changing the Role of Monetary Policy’, which provides an overview of America’s monetary policy and how it operates. This book is jam-packed with insightful information and fundamental concepts that provides a more in-depth and insightful look into the economic problems and solutions for our world.

With his second booklet, America’s History of Empowering Wealth: Understanding the Consequence of Money Controlling Political Power’, Jarl portrays a complete summary of America’s economic history. It provides a unique perspective of the world’s commercial banks and why the world’s citizens should start worrying about the economy.

Jarl’s writing techniques are exceptional, and each book managed to showcase his vision and opinion of America’s economy as well as how it can change the world for the better. This drama-packed, intense story pushes the reader to question the current system and shares effective solutions that can enact real change to the global economy, if applied.

As a successful and experienced executive of several business firms, Jarl’s ideas as an author have the potential to change the world. He believes ‘the experts of the world lack answers for humanity’s challenges and the best solutions are sure to come from an ‘outside of the box thinker’. His ideas have produced a billion dollars’ worth of commercially successful products that have benefited people’s lives in a meaningful.  As an author, his writing promises to unleash the human potential not only to solve society’s problems of today but to prevent the problems of the future.  So, whatever societal issue that you are passionate about, from global warming to poverty or world peace to trade war, Jensen’s books offer a unique and different solution. As quoted from his book, the solution is

An idea that will deliver us from this economic train-wreck and prevent further hardships from falling on the shoulders of future generations. Shouldn’t we get started?”

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