Best Travel Apps for 2021: For Couple and Solo Travelers

The market is almost cluttered with unnecessary travel applications that belong to both Android and Apple. They brag about a lot of efficiencies but deliver zero results in real. Instead of wasting your time on some useless travel applications that are no fun to use, we will help you to get the best ones that are worthwhile and easy to manage. Here is the upcoming list for some great travel apps –

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Lounge buddy

People generally spend a lot of time in airports booking tickets and managing a lot of paperwork. In the meanwhile we can have a terrible experience because of the dirty seats and depressing atmosphere.  One can easily rest in Lounges but then you need to have a membership card or business class ticket for that. If in case you have no arrangements for the same,  just download the Lounge buddy application that can let you know the accessible Lounges of different airports. You can also purchase the day pass and the application will be helping you by all means in that.

Couch surfing

You are no exception when it comes to keeping the desire of lowering down the travelling cost. After all, everybody wants to save money while exploring different parts of the world. Couchsurfing is one of the best travel apps that lets you stay connected with the locals who have some empty space in their homes. You might get to stay for absolutely free because finding a free accommodation Through this app is something that is not impossible. This will help you to keep your budget intact and will also let you have a unique opportunity to know about more people in life. If you are reluctant to stay with any random person, just use the hang out future of the application to meet the locals and travellers who are fond of similar things like you. You can pick them up for coffee drinks and visit museums. The travel application is a great option for Solo travelers who want just a little bit of help to keep everything well managed.


One of the most preferred options for finding cheap flights is Skyscanner. The mobile application digs out the best flights from more than 1200 sources and avails the best options. It can also help you to know the cheapest route as well as the easiest ones through its handy interface. You can fly up to the new destination very conveniently because the standalone application lets you book flights and also keeps you notified regarding the price changes.

Open rice

Open rice shows the most popular hotels menus and restaurants of the town so that you can book the best source of dining for yourself. It specifically has the listings of places like Malaysia, Thailand Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. Just use the power of your fingertips and enjoy using the best travel App forever.


Yes, you heard it right. Tinder is a great way to connect with random guys and girls around you. You can plan a date or a visit any places together. It will be really helpful for solo travelers. For those who are wondering why you gonna pay for tinder gold in order to meet new friends or your date then there is an alternative from which you can get tinder gold for free.

Air help

Air help can be your assistant to know the exact status of the available flights. The application can add ease to the complicated process where it is very difficult to get the initial compensation of the flight cancellation. Using the application, you just have to provide the least amount of details and you will be eligible to receive up to 25% of the total cancellation fare. Also, you might get some referral bonus in case you choose to send someone else in your booking.


The application talks about usual things that one can expect in an ideal travel application. It has filters, description and a lot of user-friendliness so that it is easy to find out the leading hotels and transportation at local level.


You can organise your upcoming travel in the best possible way using the Triplt online travel App. Just forward the important details such as flight, car rental, hotel and restaurant and it will automatically transfer it all to the master itinerary. You will be able to get the list of upcoming plans immediately. In case you happen to upgrade to the pro version, the company will also inform you about the alternate routes you can try and get a flight cancelled at the last moment. There are notifications regarding the flight delays and cancellations so as to keep the users informed. The frequent travellers who always have a lot of bookings need to keep updated about each and every flight. This is the best application that one can have for  frequently travelling. It helps the users to manage the changes on an immediate basis.

Trail wallet

The easy-to-use travelling application was initially very hard to update but Now works very well. It can help you to organise all the expenses by setting a routine budget. You can easily add the routine expenses of the entire trip by adding the bill payments of travelling, hotel booking and dining. At the end you will be receiving a rest that you can save for yourself.

Air bnb

If you want an application that can help you to book a room and couches in the apartment that is locally available at a particular destination , your answer can be air bnb for that. The application can completely help you to find the best of hostels so that you can effectively manage the travelling part on your own.

Hotel tonight

The application is incredibly easy to use and delivers amazing last minute discounts in the available hotel rooms. It never takes more than 5 minutes to book a room through the applications that has 24 x 7 customer support. At any point of time you are stuck and become incapable of finding a room, use this app and you will always get a worthwhile solution.


Another great travel application that can give you astounding experience every time is Detour. You can get to know about the tours of places like Austin, Chicago, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Washington DC and many more.

Final words

There is no doubt that the features of these applications keep on changing from time to time according to the travel needs of the users. somehow, they can always let you travel better and feel at your best by taking away all your loneliness and inconvenience. You can dare to download any of the above mentioned applications right before your next trip.

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