Benefits of eBooks Over Printed Textbooks


There is a location to go online to find books about numerous subjects. Anyone wanting to learn more about any subject can find educational books to help them. What if you could find books that had all the important facts and instructions without the extra words and boring parts. Finding a source for books that have less complicated wording and more digestible wording makes learning easier.

Why Buy Ebooks?

Purchasing e-books is a nice way to enjoy unlimited reading without having stacks of books cluttering up an office or home. But eBooks are not a read and gone proposition. They remain in your online library for future reference when needed. Online publishers and book suppliers such as alKeyTAB are a good source of reading material on numerous subjects. They have both non-fiction and fiction books to choose from on many topics. They are even willing to look for books on subjects their customers are interested in.

When a person needs to learn more about a subject or event for their job, eBooks provide the perfect source of information. Instead of wasting time searching library or book store shelves for the right books, a person can go to the online site and browse through the book collection available by subject on the site. Then, they order the book they want to be downloaded to their device.

Within minutes you can be reading a new book on any subject you choose. An eBook provider can even have staff writers who research and write educational or informational books on current subjects in a very readable and concise way. The eBook company can also look for books by talented authors to publish. Because of the way the internet and internet publishing are set up, publishers and authors have an easier time providing titles in limited or on-demand forms. You as a reader do not care if ten people or a thousand people order the same book.

Subjects Ebooks Can Cover

A person can look for books covering many subjects including:

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Action or adventure
  • Geography or Travel
  • Science and Neuroscience
  • Politics
  • Medical

What about the information on current subjects such as the pandemic or the recession? There are ebooks available right now by experts on those subjects. Do you want to explore different careers? There are books on many careers and ways to earn money. An investment in new knowledge is always worth the time and effort. And if a person needs a good book for enjoyment, those are available also.

The Advantages of EBooks Over Printed Books

Though there are people on both sides of which type of reading experience is better, ebooks do have some advantages that make them popular. And eBooks are contributing to a new surge in reading by Americans.

One reading device can hold hundreds or thousands of eBooks. A person doing research can switch back and forth between multiple research books without carrying all of them around. A person can download a whole series of books by one author onto their device and binge read anytime they want. The reading devices are lighted and lightweight to carry. Their only limitation is needing to be recharged periodically.

The reading device containing the downloaded books can be taken anywhere to read. So, a person can start their research for a project at work and carry it home to read further, then back to work. People can take their reading devices with them as they travel on vacation or to and from work. Once a book is downloaded to the device, it can be read even if there is no internet access.

Non-fiction books can be updated as new information becomes available since they are cloud-based rather than printed on paper. This keeps readers informed and saves publishers reprinting costs. EBooks can have sharable content features for multiple users. This is great for classes and business training uses.

eReaders have adjustments for the size of the font and screen brightness to make the reading experience more enjoyable and easier on the eyes. There are even read in the dark features on many eReaders.

EBooks are actually good for the environment because they eliminate the ink and paper. This can save as many as three million trees per year. There is an additional benefit because it eliminates transportation and production costs and effects on the environment.

EBooks are more affordable in the long run. The initial cost of the reader is offset by the lower cost of eBooks.

EBooks For Education and Training

EBooks have a lot of advantages for educational and training settings. A teacher can find eBooks relevant to the subject they are teaching and order them for students at less cost than printed texts would be. Some eBook suppliers such as alKeyTAB will publish textbooks or non-fiction books on requested subjects. The customer fills out a short request form where they list the topic and category of the book they want, then answer questions like why they are requesting the book and what question do they want the book to answer.

Having a company that publishes eBooks that are written in a concise way with less-complicated wording is a big benefit for students and busy business people being trained for their jobs. Having the shorter version of a book saves time and energy. If an instructor has the option of getting a special book published just for their students, they can be more effective in teaching.

If a person wants to educate themselves on multiple topics, they can choose the books from this company that is written in the shorter form to get an overview of each topic, and then they can look for additional books on the topics they find most interesting.

Looking for Information For an Upcoming trip?

Anyone who is planning a trip to a specific area or country can order eBooks about that place or a collection of places along the way. They will be able to find the most interesting things to see and do at each location. They will be able to learn about the customs and the good and bad features of each location. Best of all, the eReader goes along with the traveler and all the travel books are available any time during the trip.

A person might need some help to decide where to travel to and purchasing a few eBooks on different countries or locations could be a big help in deciding which place would be the most enjoyable. Some countries would be a better fit than others. Reading about different locations in advance could help the traveler avoid mistakes.

Find Information on Health Issues

It is possible to order eBooks on different health conditions. These books can help a person learn what to expect from health conditions their doctor might have diagnosed. The books will have advice on self-management of health conditions and diseases. There are always things a person can do to feel better in addition to going to their doctor. There are often foods that should be avoided or foods that help.

Sometimes a person may be trying to avoid a health condition that runs in their family. So, they may look for eBooks that give advice on how to avoid getting diabetes, heart conditions, ulcers, or other conditions. Some people decide they are ready to live a healthier lifestyle and seek books to guide them to a healthier diet and habits.

Learn the Latest Scientific Developments

EBooks can be found on many scientific subjects from the history of science to specific scientific milestones or scientists. Science can be a very interesting subject to explore. Some people want to read about the latest scientific developments and how they will impact our lives. Scientists are discovering new chemicals and ways to use them every day.

Read About People Who Changed the World

Biographies of famous people are often very interesting and inspiring. There are hundreds of books written about people from history or modern times. It is always interesting to read about private life as well as the public life of a famous man or woman. Autobiographies are really interesting because they are written by the person themselves. There are stories about people in all walks of life and from around the world. You can read about past presidents and statesmen. You can read the life story of a favorite actor, actress, musician, or sports great. The possibilities go on and on.

Read About Ways To Earn Money or Save Money

Purchasing eBooks about ways to earn more money, get better jobs, start a company, or save money can change a person’s life in good ways. A little time reading books by people who have been there and done that successfully can help a person improve their life. It always helps to read about new ways to earn money that help a person succeed and avoid pitfalls and mistakes. People writing books have made mistakes and tried and failed until they found the best way. Their experiences will help the reader.

Once you have a good source for eBooks on multiple subjects for a reasonable cost, you have no limits on how many or what kinds of books you order and download to your eReader device. It is always a benefit to add to your knowledge.

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