Beginner’s Guide to Growing Herbs in Pots


Growing herbs in pots is an enjoyable hobby. Herbs provide several incredible health benefits. From furnishing relief from everyday illnesses to aiding in fertility, many people use herbs daily. Growing herbs are easy to do, and it does make it pleasant to have the essence of herbs growing in your kitchen! To get started with herb gardening inside, there are three basic yet necessary elements that you must have:

  1. Soil
  2. Sunlight
  3. Water


The soil is a critical aspect of herb gardening. You need to present the herbs with fresh soil that is wholesome, not too rich, and is adequately drained. It is advised to put potting soil with coarse sand in the pots to help the herbs grow precisely. To aid in the pot’s drainage, you need to add about one inch of gravel into the pot’s bottom, as this will pull the water out correctly. This will also stop the flooding of the plant with too much water. It is also recommended that you add about one tsp of lime for every 5-inch pot for the herbs’ optimal growth. This will sweeten the soil and will be able to make it much simpler for the herbs to grow correctly.


Herb gardening indoors is considerably different from the outdoors because they don’t have the same sunlight exposer and the fresh air outside. It would help if you found an area in the house where the pots can be exposed to sunlight regularly. A south-facing or west-facing window is your best bet to gather lots of sunlight when growing herbs in pots. Read the directions that the herbs come with because various herbs have different sunlight requirements. Another option available when growing herbs in pots are to consider “grow lamps” or fluorescent lamps to help them grow correctly.


Since you are growing herbs in pots inside the house, there is not much water evaporation. You do need to water regularly, but you need to avoid completely drowning the herbs. You need to provide the herb garden with enough water to grow and be healthy but avoid too much water as it will make the soggy herb’s roots, and they won’t grow properly.

Families who live in flats can benefit from indoor herb gardening. It is an excellent strategy for EVERYONE who wants to have more control over their herb garden. When growing herbs in pots, you can move them around as needed, making it easier to manage the plants’ health. The other advantage to growing herbs in pots is that you can preserve them from frost that can arise in spring without warning and damage your herb garden.

Many herb gardeners say that growing their herbs in pots brings about healthier plants and find that certain herbs like mint do much better indoors. In addition to healthy plants, you also have the herbs close when you ARE cooking. You have delicious fresh produce a blink away.

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