Barndominiums are Modern Country Homes


One of the hottest home designs on the market is the barndominium. This type of house typically combines a barn and a home into one building. People are flocking to this design because they love the country look, but they want a more modern design. This home also has many benefits and design features that will be covered later on.

How the Barndominium Came to Be

Some people may be wondering how this type of home came into existence. In the past, farmers who dreaded going out into the cold to care for the animals would end up sleeping in the barn. Farmers and ranchers started attaching bunkhouses to the barn, and eventually, Barndominiums were born.

The word barndominium is a combination of two other words, barn and condominium. In the past, people were turning barns into houses. Now, barndominiums are built with both barns and condos in one building. People have fallen in love with this type of home design, as it is convenient when you need a barn, business, or work space attached to a house.

When a Traditional Barn Isn’t Needed

Don’t assume that one must have an actual barn to have a barndominium. Home builders are designing this type of home with all sorts of attachments, not just traditional barns. Common building add-ons include:

  • Workshops
  • Classic storage garages
  • Airplane hangers
  • Mechanic shops
  • Retail stores
  • Office spaces
  • Equestrian storage
  • Exercise rooms and gyms
  • Art studio spaces
  • Vacation rentals and getaway spaces
  • Carports, boat, and RV storage buildings
  • Traditional barns

Features of a Barndominium

Barndominiums usually have a large, open floor plan. Some are designed to look like traditional barns, but this is not required. This type of home is available in all sizes, from smaller homes measuring around one thousand square feet to ultra-large designs measuring five thousand feet or more.

People can choose the design and look of the home and choose designs to make the barndominium look like a cabin, a traditional barn, or even a sleek metal building. This type of home is available in both single-story designs, and multistory versions. They can be designed with us without a loft.

When working with a builder, a homeowner can have the barndominium completely customized to their liking. If they want ten closets built-in, they can absolutely have all ten closets built into the home. Any features that the homeowner imagines for their dream barndominium, the builder can turn into reality.

Building Materials Involved

Some people choose to have their dream barndominium built with wood materials, while others prefer metal. The exterior material type used will help determine the feel of the home. Metal designs can give the home a modern sleek look, while wood can help the home feel classic, country, and homey. Other exterior options include stone, cement siding, brick, vinyl siding, and cedar.

There are also many different foundation types to choose from as well. Common foundation options for this type of home include slab foundations, crawl space foundations, or even basement foundations. Just as with other types of homes, footers will be lining all of the load-bearing walls.

When it comes to insulating the barndominium, the same options that are available for other types of homes are available for this type of home. Bats, rolls, and spray foam are the most common types of insulation currently on the market. Many builders prefer spray foam, as it insulates the home and also seals cracks and helps to prevent air leaks.

Interior walls can be completely customized to the wants of the homeowner. Just as with other types of home, walls in barndominiums can be painted drywall, textured drywall, tiled, exposed wood, stone, laminate, and more. The look can be completely customized, meaning that homeowners who want wallpaper in the home can have that as well.

Adding More Living Space to the Outside

Many people use the space outside their barndominium to add more usable living space to their home. For example, they may build on a big beautiful deck, complete with a stone oven and barbecue grill, onto the outside of the home to use as a second kitchen and dining area.

It’s very common for home builders to add on patios, decks, and balconies to barndominiums. Those who want additional storage space may choose to add on a garage. This is one of the great features of this type of home. They can be completely customized to meet the needs and wants of the homeowner.

Benefits of Having a Barndominium Home

Many people choose barndominiums for the benefits that come along with this type of home. First, barndominiums are typically very energy efficient. Unlike other types of homes, the upkeep and maintenance of this type of home will be minimal and easy to deal with.

Fire hazards are typically reduced, which means that the home insurance costs can be lower than they would be on a traditional home. Building a barndominium can also cost less than building a different type of home, meaning the homeowner saves money right from the start.

When it comes to everyday wear and tear, barndominiums are known to last. A metal barndominium is said to handle weather conditions beautifully, as it has great strength-to-weight ratio. Metal also holds up great against insects and pests, as they cannot chew through the metal materials the way they could with wood. Metal also does not rot the way wood does, and it won’t grow mold. Having a metal home can also lower home insurance costs as, again, metal is stronger and harder to damage.

Barndominiums are a Great Home Choice In conclusion, barndominiums are a great choice for homeowners who want an open floor plan. They can be made to look modern or country, and can be customized to fit the needs of the homeowner. Outdoor spaces and areas can be added on as well, giving the family more usable living space. While they can include both a home and a barn in the one building, a barn is not a requirement for this type of home.

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