Aries Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

You should avoid getting into arguments with your spouse. You should try to be down to earth and have a peaceful week in your marital life. The health of your spouse may deteriorate, thus you should take good care of your partner. One of your friends may propose to you for marriage or you may propose to someone & your proposal may get affected. You may go out on a trip with your spouse. You will share your feelings & love with your partner. This will strengthen the bond between both of you. However, if you are married, there can be an abrupt heated argument between you and your partner. You can have a challenging time together. You should try to ease the situation and not push your spouse to do things as you want.


If you are a sports student, you will get success in the upcoming competition. You may have some disagreements with your mentor, however, if you hold on to your patience and follow your mentor obediently, you will get the desired success in the days to come. You can also attend the meditation and motivational courses and also take in the guidance from your siblings and mentor. If you tread this path, you will be in the right direction and will reach the desired level successfully. You are likely to get success in subjects such as medical science and other sciences as well. If you are pursuing research work, you are likely to succeed there as well. Also, this week will be good for you if you are a student of science or programming language.


On the whole, you will maintain good health as you will be regular in your exercise and have a healthy diet. But you should be careful while driving, you should follow traffic rules as a small mistake while driving a vehicle may put you in a difficult situation. There is a possibility that you may get a sudden illness which may prolong, this illness may weaken you. Also, there may be major health issues if you get careless with your diet and not prescriptions and restrictions in your diet. You should do regular physical exercises and meditation to maintain good health. Only meditation will be able to reduce your stress caused by the workload at the workplace. The prospective negative influences on health caused by the planetary movements can be addressed only by taking due precautions.


You may face some challenges in matters of taking loans so you are advised to avoid taking loans this week. You may make business investments in foreign countries. Besides, your in-laws may seek financial help from you or expect you to take up this responsibility. Your father may help you with financial matters. Also, you may change your job and thus you may get a new work environment. This change may enable you to perform better in your professional life which in turn may make you earn more. If you are into a medical/paramedical field, then you will make good financial gains. Consequently, your wealth is going to expand.


You should adhere to punctuality and your daily routine. If you are not on time, there will be a mess in the workplace. There will be a lot of workloads. If you are looking for a job, you will get the expected results in the coming days. If you have some task wherein a government department approval is needed, you will get it now. Besides, you may get transferred or there may be a change in your work profile during this week. Keep analysing things in your business to make continuous growth & expansion. Only by continuous analysis and changing the strategy of your business as and when needed, you can become successful. However, you should avoid getting emotionally attached to your business. Planets predict that being practical can be more helpful than unnecessary & undue attachment or emotionality.

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Arushi Sana
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