Are Car Wash Loyalty Programs Successful?

Many businesses provide loyalty programs for their customers. Whether it’s a store that offers points for every dollar spent, or a coffee shop that offers every 10th drink for free, loyalty programs are a great way to reward customers.

One study conducted by international marketing company Accenture stated that 77% of consumers participate in loyalty programs. These programs have changed customer expectations and business models for the better. If you’re the owner of a car wash, they can also improve your business’s profitability.

Why Loyalty Programs Work

According to SwiftPay, a fully automated rewards program is one way to reward your customers for their loyalty. Customers will choose to use a car wash loyalty program if it helps them save money. Car wash companies can offer a variety of rewards to attract new business and retain existing clients. 

Being creative and offering what your customers find most valuable is the key to offering rewards that will bring them back time and again. The following are some of the most popular types of rewards you can offer your customers.

Spending Rewards

Spending rewards are the most common and attractive types of rewards because they offer something for free if something else is purchased. For example, a business could offer free five minutes of use of a vacuum with the purchase of a car wash, or a free upgrade if they purchase one of the more expensive car washes. Alternatively, you could offer a free car wash for every 10 purchases.

Birthday Car Wash

Offering a free car wash on the customer’s birthday is a great way to bring in customers. In addition, it will make your customers feel as if there is a personal connection between them and your business. Sending happy birthday automatic emails, texts, or messages also offers a nice personal touch.

Monthly Bonuses

Providing your customers with credits for a percentage of their monthly purchases also breeds loyalty. Customers can be awarded credits or coupons for future car washes and other services like detailing, disposable car-drying towels, and car vacuuming.

Charity Fundraising

Offering a percentage of what customers spend to a charity is a way to bring in those who care about their community. It will create a reputation for your business that tells customers that you care about what they care about. Just remember, doing your homework before you decide which charity to support is important. 

Business Discounts

Offer businesses a discount if they agree to use your car wash. Start with local taxis and law enforcement. Creating a simple way to invoice these businesses will make businesses more likely to choose your business to provide their car wash needs.

How Loyalty Cards Work

Car wash loyalty cards are the best way to offer discounts to current customers. There are many services that can be purchased that allow easy use of loyalty cards for you and your customers. These loyalty card management businesses help you set up what rewards you want to offer your customers. Many also provide links to include on your website or app.

Don’t Forget to Advertise Your Loyalty Program

No matter how great your loyalty program is, it will fail unless others know about it. Consider spending some of your advertising budget to get the word out. Additionally, update your website and social media pages with information about the loyalty program.

Be sure to send an email to your current customer email base letting them know about the new loyalty program. Include an infographic explaining the details in a clear, concise way. You’ll also want to use the same or a similar infographic on your website and social media.

Follow these tips and before you know it, you’ll have a solid customer base and increased profits. You’ll be able to invest your profits into new technology and equipment that shows your customers that you are serious about keeping their cars looking great.

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