Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 3rd – 9th Jan 2021


Love and Relationships

There will be parties, celebrations and you will get wonderful gifts. You will enjoy special romantic moments with your life partner. If you are single, you may meet your special someone, by the blessings of stars. Those who are married, you should avoid arguments. Try to be down to earth and have a peaceful week in your marital life. The health of your spouse also needs to be taken care of during this week. The suggestions and help from your spouse will energise your life and career. Don’t be rigid in your marital relationship. You may face some challenges in your intimate life with your partner.


The conjunction of Mercury and Sun predicts that students should follow the guidelines and suggestions of their mentor & parents to achieve their goals. You may feel especially inclined towards secret knowledge subjects like occult science or tarot cards or even the IT programming languages for coding. Don’t get into any wrong company and bad addiction. Stars are predicting that distraction can cause hurdles in your education. You may be drawn to religious topics and may get interested in the study of the scriptures. Your mentor will be there to help you all through. Family responsibilities can come in the way of your education. Have a proper plan and stick to it with determination.


The position of Saturn and Jupiter may cause health-related challenges and stress. Avoid over analysing things, especially in the areas of relationship and finance as it may lead you to depression. Take care of your eating habits as it might affect your health. Avoid junk food and stick to a healthy and nutritious meal. Meditation will give you peace of mind. You might face health issues in the eyes. Be hygienic and clean your surroundings, stay in a clean environment. You should avoid arguments with your in-laws as it can hamper your health and increase your stress as predicted by the stars.


It’s not a very good scenario for your financial growth. You may incur expenses on health issues. There may be small celebrations at home, which may bring about expenses. You may also incur expenses on organising religious events at home. You may also join some classes to upgrade your skills, wherein you may have to spend. You may also have to spend some money on fulfilling some requirements of your in-laws. You may change the interior of your home which may cost a lot. It’s not a favourable week to invest in the share market without taking expert suggestions. Try to clear all the tax-related matters.


In career, if you are dealing with assignments & projects, then you should focus on the research and analysis project in your hand, it can make you successful. Besides, there is a strong possibility that you may get a job far from the homeland. Thus, there can be a change in your work environment. Avoid ego clashes with your colleagues, it may make you stressed. If you are into creative work like writing or making strategies for a business group, you are likely to get success and recognition. You will be very energetic and enthusiastic in your approach and will complete your tasks with full responsibility. A female boss or senior can give you some valuable inputs and suggestions. A business deal in a foreign country is likely to be successful.

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