Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 17th – 23rd Jan 2021

Love and Relationships

The transit of the Sun and its conjunction with Saturn suggests that you should give some space to your loved one so that they feel comfortable to express their feelings to you. You may get a relationship proposal but you should see the other person clearly before you go ahead with accepting the relationship. In your marital relationship, there may be some disagreements. But if you are down to earth, you can resolve these issues. You should take good care of your spouse. Someone from the opposite gender may get attracted to you. This week is good to accept a love relationship due to Venus transit.


Students may get distracted from their work because of the wrong circle of friends. Besides, you should try not to get into an argument with your siblings this week. You may also learn a new skill. Your siblings will also help you in your education. The chances of getting selected in an interview are bright. You will get the much-needed recognition for your creative work. The transit of Sun also predicts that you will actively participate and attain success but discipline and determination will be needed. You should avoid arguments and unwanted work assignments or else it may cause you stress.


You should avoid unnecessary discussions. Besides, you should not use electronic gadgets as stars are predicting that your sleeping pattern may get disturbed. Saturn and Jupiter may cause health-related challenges and stress. You may even face depression. You should also regulate your eating habits. You may also face digestion issues. You should take care of your eyes and get your weekly check-up done. A timely check-up can prevent you from a major problem. Besides, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn predict that you should not get too sentimental and emotional. Relationship challenges can cause you bad health and affect you physiologically.


You may spend a lot of money on your friends, by arranging parties or social events, as stars foresee some unplanned expenses. You will face challenges and unexpected responsibilities will come your way which might cause you a lot of stress. It’s not a very good time frame for making any major investments without expert suggestions. You can incur unplanned expenditures on health. Mercury transit predicts that you should avoid an argument with your business partner to attain the desired return. The Sun transit will give you financial gains. If you need any financial help from your father, then the last phase of this week will be favourable for that.


You should avoid aggression and it needs to be controlled at the workplace all the more. You should work sincerely and smartly. It is going to benefit you a lot. You may have disagreements with your seniors. You may go out on long trips. Don’t make any major investments in the business. You may get a major financial deal from a foreign company. It’s not a good time to make any major decisions in business without taking expert suggestions. If you are into a family-run business, the suggestions from your elders can guide you during this week.

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