9 Interesting Facts About UK Beaches

The beaches of the United Kingdom are top-rated, and with these nine facts, it’s easy to understand why!

  1. There are an extraordinary 779 beaches in the UK. Most of them carry a quality coast classification or blue flag, guaranteeing cleanliness, excellent facilities, and security. There are eleven shores with blue flag status in Pembrokeshire alone. Britain contains some of the safest, cleanest, and most spectacular beaches anywhere in the world.
  2. The United Kingdom’s coastline is one of the most accessible globally; wherever you live in the UK, you will be less than a couple of hours’ drive from the shore. Few other nations can boast such ease of path. The furthest you can be from the sea is estimated to be 80 miles, if you happen to live in Coton in the elms, Derbyshire!
  3. The UK’s coastline is very long compared to other similarly sized countries; for example, the United Kingdom’s coastline is four times longer than France’s coastline and three and a half times longer than Spain’s coastline. Why head to any other city in the world for a sun kissed, golden banks when they can all be enjoyed in the UK?
  4. The UK contains some of the best beaches for learning to surf; from Sennen Cove in Cornwall to Caswell Bay on the Gower Peninsula. Furthermore, several excellent surf schools are situated throughout the UK.
  5. The yearly earnings from services at UK shores over a year total up to a mountainous 10 billion pounds. 
  6. There is now three times the number of clean beaches in the UK than there were 25 years ago, and the figure continues to improve through the hard work of the marine conservation society and other volunteer organizations. Water cleanliness continues to improve and safety measures at beaches all over the UK.
  7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is not only the most popular beach resort in the UK; it is also the UK’s most popular attraction, nationwide, attracting 5.7 million visitors last year, beating the Tate Modern, with 800,000 visitors, into second place.
  8. The UK’s beaches are some of the best places to see fantastic wildlife. You can see a wide variety of birds, fish, and even seals at many beaches around the UK’s coastline. In addition to this, over 1500km of coastline in England and Wales has been designated as heritage coastline. (an area with the extraordinary natural beauty of scientific interest).
  9.  The sand lizard is one of the world’s rarest reptiles. It was once common along the North Wales coast in the United Kingdom, but sadly, it became extinct during the 1960s, resulting from development and sea defense work. It has now finally been reintroduced, and a breeding population has been installed on various coastal dunes.

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