9 Blunt Time Management Tips for stellar success and meaningful productivity

Hi leaders, you’re either working clever, or you’re wasting time. And since time is the most valuable assets anyone owns, draining it isn’t the most reasonable thing to do in life. I mean, if I were to invite you to waste 100 days on Instagram, would you ever agree to it and go ahead and waste 100 days? Yet, most people, especially from the new generation, have done precisely that. And when I say 100 days, I mean 100 24-hour days.

That’s why it’s so essential to becoming a specialist at handling your time, so you can consume more of it having the life you need instead of trying to create the life you wish to have some day. In other words, work cleverly, and you will achieve your goals far faster.

You may notice my ten time management tips covered below are a bit opinionated. But hey, I’m not here to write fairytales that are mostly fiction and directionless; I’m here to see if I can boom you into stellar success and meaningful productivity.

  1. Maintain a To-Do list: Maintaining and following a list is a time-saving strategy from the pre-historic era. If you create a list, you’ll never have to spend time thinking about what exactly is your daily schedule or what to do next. Indeed, a plan keeps you motivated and focused, centered on feeling that sweet satisfaction every time you tick off a job from your list. Records also let you see – and monitor – your progress. Even if distractions surround you, your list will keep you on the correct track.
  2. Delete all OTT Platforms from your cellphone and throw your gaming console away: Destroy the game console and stop fooling around online. No, you don’t need to watch those fictional teen-adult TV series. Move your arse back to work.
  3. Monday is overhyped. Not doing any work during weekend makes it extremely difficult to get started on Monday. So spend a couple of hours working on Saturday and Sunday, too. This gives you lots of time off, and prepares you for a strong start on Monday. Plus, if you really catch up on work, you can now take a random weekday afternoon off and unwind.
  4. Live and Die by deadlines. Work increases to fill the allotted time, so only allot what you really need and be realistic.
  5. Lock yourself and more specifically, lock everyone else out. Please don’t come out until you complete your current task.
  6. Nothingness is not a bad thing. It’s essential to practice nothingness for a few minutes each day to reduce anxious moments in life and clear your mind. Just do nothing and focus on your breathing.
  7. Don’t multitask. If you have multiple tasks in hand, once first task is completed, take a break while you do something else, and then go back and start on the second big task.
  8. Learn to say NO. If someone or something is wasting your time, say NO and move on. Don’t adjust in life and waste time on useless things.
  9. Don’t walk away on scheduled plans. Once you have chosen to do something, just do it. Don’t let laziness get over your head.

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