8 Leadership Lessons from Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris has done what no woman has done before – she has emerged as the vice president-elect of the United States of America. From being an attorney in California, Kamala shot into the history books to become the first female vice president, the first African American, highest-ranking female elected official, and the first Asian American vice president in the United States. Kamala Harris has always been a leader even before she burst onto the global scene. She is a leader with many styles that anyone can learn from. Here are eight lessons in leadership from the relentless Kamala Harris: 

  1. Humane Character: One of the first things you are going to notice when it comes to Kamala Harris is her very approachable nature and humane character. She is the type of person you can meet today and give a hug and discuss for hours. She is a very humane leader and she is known for putting the people first before anything else. She does not have any air of arrogance around her and it is not a surprise that journalists always love to have her on their shows. If there is any lesson that Kamala has taught everyone about leadership, it is that a true leader cares about the people first. It is no surprise that she has such a long record in public service. 
  2. Resilience: Life is not easy but Kamala has learned from her parents to be resilient in the face of all kinds of challenges. Right from when she was in school to when she started her professional career as an attorney to when she became a politician, she had always cultivated and maintained her resilient attitude. This has allowed her to face and surmount some of the biggest challenges in life.  When she tried to run for president herself and she failed, she did not give up, she kept giving her best to her party, the Democratic Party until she was nominated to be the running made for Joe Biden and they ended up winning the elections. 
  3. Courage: Kamala Harris was attacked by the most powerful person in the world in the person of Donald Trump but being the courageous lady that she is, she never wavered or even got discouraged. She remained focused even as Trump kept slandering her and calling her all kinds of derogatory names. Trump is not the only person to attack Kamala, even as a child, she had to face a barrage of all kinds of insults from different quarters but that did not stop her from concentrating. Courage is the test of a true leader and she has demonstrated this well enough. 
  4. Ambition: Even before she became a superstar on the political scene, Kamala had always been a very ambitious person. She graduated from Howard University and later the University of California and she started her career as an attorney and by 2003, she was already elected the district attorney of San Francisco. She was elected the Attorney General of California in the year 2010 and was so good on the job that she was re-elected to the same position in 2014. An unstoppable force of nature, she joined politics and became a junior United States senator and would later become the first Asian American woman to serve in the Senate of the United States. 
  5. Liberal Attitude: If you do not see Kamala having a good time with the youths, you will see her trending for wearing the trendiest sneakers. She is a very fashionable lady and is very open-minded. She is not an extremist and has a liberal attitude which tells everyone that there is no discrimination. 
  6. Positivity: A great leader is the one that gives hope to others and it is almost impossible for you to imagine Kamala without a smile on her face. She is always optimistic and brings positive energy to wherever she enters. It is this same positive energy that she uses as the force of passion to drive her policies and shape her thinking. A good leader does not bring doom and gloom upon the people. 
  7. Public Service: It is not far from the truth to state that Kamala Harris lives her life for the others. Her life is one long string of public service. Take her time in the Senate, for example, she became one of the most vocal advocates for healthcare reform, the descheduling of cannabis, ban on assault weapons, the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, progressive tax reforms, and many more. A true leader is one who devotes himself or herself to the benefit of others and that is precisely what she has been doing all her life. 
  8. Maturity: Maturity of mind is the hallmark of a good leader. Kamala Harris is not one to be seen behaving in an uncivilized manner in public. She is always in control of her reactions and not even the relentless attacks from people like Donald Trump stopped her from remaining mature in all her actions. She did not become an attorney general of a state for nothing. 

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