8 Degrees That Enjoy Global Demand

As high school nears the end, you have to choose a major for further studies. This decision has a lot of importance because the degree you pursue will draft your career. But sadly, according to recent statistics, about one-third of high school students in the US don’t know what degree they want. At one point, you will receive many suggestions from family and friends. Some will want you to choose the same career as them, while others will suggest a unique degree. But the best way to handle this situation is to select a field that you genuinely like. Also, knowing what fields have a high demand will help you in this choice. To make this process convenient, we have prepared a list of degrees that enjoy global demand. They are as follows:

1. Healthcare Sciences

The most apparent degree, of course, is medicine. People always need doctors. If anyone had any doubts, the Covid19 pandemic has removed them effectively. And it is only one disease. With new viruses and infections discovered regularly, the world needs skilled doctors now more than ever. That’s why a degree in healthcare never loses popularity. Yes, it requires long-term commitment, but all your time and efforts pay off in the end. And the field does not end with human medicine. You can choose to pursue other popular disciplines like nutrition or physiotherapy. With increasing obesity amongst both kids and adults and posture problems in office workers, patients will always need your help.

2. Social Work

If you enjoy working with people and want to help and support them, consider social work as your major subject. As they help people overcome difficulties and challenges in their life, social workers never go out of demand. Unemployment, poverty, addiction, abuse, disability, and mental sickness are common issues. With a social work degree, you can spread and promote social justice and equality.  Earning a bachelor’s degree in social work enables you to work as a direct practice social worker. And if you opt for the master’s program, you can practice as a clinical social worker. The best part? You can earn the degree both on-site in a college or via an online master of social work program. Because this field is continuously expanding, you will have a successful career.

3. Computer Science

Technology has changed the world, and it will continue to do so. Today, each industry relies on technology to conduct business. We need software developers, website designers, and database handlers, amongst many others. That is why a degree in computer sciences will remain valuable. It’s incredible how one major can open the gates to numerous successful and high-paying opportunities. The new trends have given rise to high global demand for computer science graduates. With growing competition, the need for skilled professionals is also on the rise. In fact, in 2019, there were more job openings and fewer graduates to fill them up.

4. Environmental Science

If you care about the environment and want to repair the damage caused, consider getting a degree in environmental sciences. Since it is a globally-concerning topic, you can always earn a degree and turn your passion into a lucrative career. Climatic and ecological change is one of the enormous challenges we face. We can only reverse them with the help of skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge in this regard. So if you gain experience in this area, it will prove useful for all. Even with an undergraduate degree in environmental science, you can work in most industries and non-profit organizations. On the other hand, you can also move towards a more specialized field such as Environmental Law or Engineering.

5. Nursing

Nursing is a highly respected career pathway. And why wouldn’t it be? Nursesrun around the clock to assist and care for patients. That said, today, the demand for highly skilled nurses is high all over the globe. As a survey reports, the population is now living longer and needs more medical care. It explains why the medical facilities are regularly recruiting new nurses. Due to the pandemic, there is a worldwide shortage of trained nurses. Thus, choosing this profession will help achieve a satisfying job and career growth.

6. Law

Law is one of the oldest and renowned academic fields. Look around, and you will notice reputable figures who have studied law. A degree in this field is highly respectable and promises a bright career. Contrary to people’s belief, it is not limited to lawyers and courtrooms. Instead, it affects all aspects of society. Law students play essential roles in different industries, protecting lives, safeguarding corporate liberty, and international relations. So when you decide to study law, you will have many opportunities in front of you. Whether it is politics, media, academia, social work, or commerce, you will enjoy global demand as a law graduate.

7. Psychology

Mental health and well-being have a lot of significance and impact on our community. That’s why psychology always enjoys high global demand. Especially now when people need help and support to recover from pandemic stress and traumas. Psychology is a subject that offers you the opportunity for personal growth. This fascinating subject teaches you to understand human behavior and thought processes. And because of its diversity, it provides a variety of career opportunities too. From schools to hospitals, psychologists work everywhere. With an undergraduate degree, you can perform therapies and provide counseling. Suppose you apply for a master’s degree or a doctorate. In that case, you can carry out research,the findings of which can benefit everyone.

8. Graphic Designing

Recently, we observed a massive surge in content marketing strategies. Graphic design plays a significant role in today’s competitive business environment. As the need for high-quality, visually stimulating images rises, the global demand for graphic designers increases. That’s why it has become a lucrative career. It is a dynamic and challenging profession as each new project is a creative challenge for them. They utilize their skills to deliver critical messages via visual art. With a degree in graphic design, you will have many options—for example, logo design, Photoshop, game design, and illustration.

The Final Words

A higher degree helps you attract potential recruiters and flourish in your choice of career. It shows them that you are well-versed in a subject and have developed the necessary skills. Above, we have listed eight degrees that enjoy global demand. They are all diverse and vast fields with opportunities for growth and job security. So if you are puzzled about your career prospect, you can safely take up what interests you the most.

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