7 Romantic Camping Getaways In Minnesota


Adventure, relaxation, liberty, and quality time with friends and family are among the top reasons why camping is a popular Minnesota pastime. Today, for the angels in love with each other, I am compiling a list of the top 7 Romantic Camping Getaways In Minnesota.

  1. Lake Maria State Park: isolated walk-in sites distributed along a mountain under a full canopy of maples and oaks – incredible fall colors! Great hiking path, as well!
  2. Lake Elmo Regional Park Preserve: It’s adjacent to downtown St. Paul yet it presents remote, walk-in campsites and many miles of cross-country trails. The camps are along a walk-in corridor about 80 yards from the parking area, and each one is located in deep foliage, so the privacy level is considerably good, too. These are primary sites without a lot of facilities close by. These are good sites for lounging around with your lovely husband or wife or taking one of the many available hikes.
  3. Great River Bluffs State Park: this part faces the Mississippi River offering these unbelievable vistas. The overlooks are at the end of quick trails through a thick overstory of maples, very calm, and the vistas are beautiful – some with very romantic perches upon which you and the love of your life could sit cozily for hours.
  4. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park: One of the few magnificent campgrounds on the North Shore of Lake Superior only if it’s not so tightly set out as all the others are. Walk-in sites stretch for about 2 miles along the lake’s rugged shore, each distributed by a forest of birch trees. The water’s sounds against the shoreline, flurries in the trees, and the area’s freshness all combine to make a very soothing and romantic kind of camping experience.
  5. Crescent Lake Campground: This is just outside the BWCA area, across the Superior National Forest. It’s the best laid-out campground I’ve seen. Each site is either upon a knoll or cuts deep into the woods for very serene and private settings.
  6. Lake Kabetogama region of Voyageurs National Park: I couldn’t resist writing about the campsites spread throughout this park’s southern area. Many are single campsites on small, rocky islands – no chance of invasion by other campers! They are all water-accessible, but what’s more passionate than a boat ride out to a private campsite circled by a national park?
  7. Crosby-Manitou State Park:  Like Lake Maria, this is totally a backpacker’s park. The sites are situated throughout the river’s rocky banks, many a short distance from waterfalls and thundering cascades.

Many of the camps in the state forests of Minnesota – Granted, some of these are familiar with ORV riders, horseback riders, and fishers, but if you can find one not being used, you can have the complete forest to yourself with lakes and trails and rivers in abundance. These offer very few amenities, but if you are self-contained and inclined towards romancing the day away, you won’t need any of the human-made amenities at all.

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