7 Reasons To Visit Tulum, Mexico: Paradise Vacation for the Whole Family

Tulum is a great city to spend a vacation with your family. It is located on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. Cancun is the nearest large resort city. However, unlike Cancun, this small city isn’t invaded by large resort companies and is not crowded. 

If you’re looking for an outstanding destination to spend a week with your family, you will hardly find a better place. The top seven reasons to visit Tulum will help you discover why you need to pack your suitcases and book tickets right now. 

Incredible Beaches

This city is home to the best beaches in the country. The shores in Tulum are pristine and sun-soaking. Thereupon, even if you prefer spending your vacation lying near a pool, you will want to walk on a beach barefoot and take some stunning snaps. 

The beaches are long and wide. Most of them belong to hotels. Therefore, you will never rest in a crowded place. Vice versa, you will have enough space to enjoy warm blue water, white sand, and the surrounding nature with your family. 

In case you stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a beach, there is nothing to worry about. You will be able to access any beach as there are no fences or restrictions. Anyway, there are also some public beaches. 

Mayan Ruins

If you don’t want to spend all your vacation lying on a beach, Tulum has what to offer. There are some 13th-century Mayan archaeological ruins. 

They aren’t super large but will impress you. The ancient constructions are massive and high. 

There are three different points of ruins. The first one can be reached by foot. However, the other two will require you to hike one hour or more through the jungle to get there. 

The Mayan Ruins are a must-to-visit location if you decide to spend a vacation with your family in Tulum.

Stunning Caves and Cenotes

If you want to hide from the sun in the afternoon, don’t go to a hotel room. 

Rather, get a tour and go to explore caves with your family. Don’t forget to look up to check out stalagmites hanging down, exploring a cave.

Also, Tulum is surrounded by underwater sinkholes. They attract a lot of divers from around the world. Nevertheless, you can head to the nearest cenote and go snorkeling with your family members there. Just make sure you have all the basic pieces of equipment for this activity. If no, then visit the nearest store selling needed items, but make sure it works legally. You have to be confident in the top quality and safety of the equipment before snorkeling the same way as when you order your assignments from a new service, wondering, “Is SpeedyPaper legit?”

Unique Hotels

There are no big all-inclusive hotels with vast pools in Tulum yet. If you want to spend a week with your family in a fancy place, this city has a lot of great hotels. Almost every place is vibrant and calm. Most beach hotels offer dedicated bungalows in the jungle. Also, there are a lot of luxury hotels. 

Local Cuisine

Local cuisine is another reason to head to Tulum. For sure, you can find a traditional Mexican taco with ease. However, if you’re a fan of seafood and fresh vegetables, you will be impressed with the variety of meals to try. Moreover, the combination of seafood and vegetables is the best if you want to have healthy nutrition. 

Incredible Flora and Fauna

As Tulun is a small town that doesn’t accept large crowds of tourists yet, you will be able to explore nature, spending a weekend here. For instance, you will be able to grab your family members and hike in the jungle.

You will also be able to explore marine life or observe how pelicans catch fish. 

Affordable Prices

Even though Tulum is a perfect place to spend a vacation, you will be surprised by the prices there. Since a lot of tourists discover Tulum as a top place to rest, the prices in beach hotels have increased. 

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of options to rest on a budget. If you’re a student, you can find an affordable hostel or grab a tent and spend nights in a beautiful place for free. Being young and adventurous is great, even if you feel overwhelmed with academic tasks. Can you pay someone to do your homework? Sure! Make the most of your life, discovering breathtaking destinations and living your life to the full with minimum expenses. 

Tulum is small and finding low-cost entertainment won’t be a problem. If you rent a bike, you will easily reach all the neighborhood locations. Alternatively, you can get a taxi for $5 in any direction.

Tip for Tourists

Even if you go to a safe place, you still have to be cautious. Always take photos of all your documents and bring a copy of your passport. Also, don’t forget to bring some backup cash or a credit card to avoid unexpected issues. 

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