5 Ways to Stop Sudden Breakouts

Puzzled by sudden breakouts? There are several reasons that we suddenly have to deal with problematic skin. 

Insomnia Can Lead To Breakouts

Not getting enough sleep can cause skin to breakout, as well as cause skin to look prematurely aged, and haggard. Fluctuations in cortisol levels can cause acne to appear when we don’t get the amount of sleep that we need. If the reason for the lack of sleep involves increased levels of stress, this can further cause your skin’s oil glands to work overtime, further exacerbating the issue. Try to get a good night’s sleep, and do what you can to lower stress in your life. It isn’t always easy to turn off the racing thoughts in your head, but for your health it is worth a try. Meditation is a tried and true method that people have turned to for generations. Search youTube for videos that help you fall to sleep by playing soothing music, and guiding your meditation to slow racing thoughts and let you finally get a full night’s sleep. 

Stick Tight To Your Skincare Regime

Stick to the basics if you are questioning why you suddenly have a bunch of blemishes. Wash your face at least twice daily, morning and night, with a gentle cleanser. Use a non comedogenic moisturizer every day. If you have any new skincare items that you think you might be having a reaction to, discontinue it immediately

Search And Destroy Harmful Bacteria 

Keep dirty hands away from your face. Make sure dirty items aren’t touching your face (clean off your cell phone thoroughly, wash your pillowcases and bedding, and pay attention to anything in your environment that might be contributing to a new acne breakout). Stay away from ultra drying skincare items like alcohol based toners. Stop using overly irritating skincare items like facial scrub brushes or exfoliating pads. Throw away any old makeup or skincare products that might be harboring bacteria. 

Consider Hormones and Humidity

Fluctuations in androgens (sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) cause breakouts in adults. Thought this is more common in women during childbearing years, take into account that any hormone treatments might be why your skin is acting weird. Also, consider your current environment: humidity and hot weather can cause bad skin. Also, getting too much sun or getting a sunburn can cause a nasty flare up, as skin damaged from the sun can react with higher oil secretion and clogged pores. If you are somewhere that has more dust or dirt kicking up in the air at any given time, you might have to take extra efforts to keep your skin clean. 

What Have You Been Eating?

Certain kinds of foods are believed to cause inflammation and acne flare ups. High glycemic index foods, or foods rich in carbohydrates, cause levels of insulin to spike, and at the same time can affect the oil glands in the skin. Foods high in the glycemic index (meaning foods that turn rapidly into glucose during digestion) can lead to an inflammatory response that cascades through the entire body and the skin.

If you are eating lots of foods that are rich in sugar and saturated fats, such as white bread, pasta, ice cream, soda, candy, fried foods, and anything else high in carbohydrates, can cause a drastic increase in the body’s insulin levels, which directly affects the oil glands by triggering them to make more oil. This then leads to follicle clogging, which can make the complexion break out in comedones. Additionally, foods high in sugar will increase the amounts of androgens (sex hormones) in your body, which can also cause acne due to the fluctuating hormones.

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