5 lessons swimming can teach you about leadership

I’ve finally started swimming once again! It took a while to commit and actually do it; I mean, it can be so dull! But I’ve done it, and to be honest, it’s filled with joy! There’s something about the excitement of kicking off from one edge of the swimming pool and sailing through the clear and cool water; then extending my arm over my head and feeling my body stretched forward. I have to be honest I am not a fast and swift swimmer, but I can keep going for long distances. In other words, bad speed, decent stamina.

After about four lengths, I usually feel exhausted. My arms feel rather heavy and it feels like my legs are stuck in a drag race, and I wonder why I was so ecstatic about getting in the water at all. But I launch myself for another length, and another. After about eight lengths, I begin recovering. I feel the tiredness drift away, and I begin really enjoying myself! I have to confess though, it is quite dull this swimming thing? But I have discovered that I do a lot of thinking when I am underwater, it’s so peaceful, and there’s not much else to do, really. I’m always motivated by the silence under the water, and after a few lengths, it definitely helps calm my mind!

So, when I get out of the pool, my body appears toned, and my head is relatively clear. Yesterday, between 11 and 12 lengths, I suddenly realized what getting back to swimming teaches me about leadership in general, so I wanted to share it with you in the form of this article today!

  1. Sometimes, things get puzzling early on, but it eases up if you keep going.
  2. You don’t have to be the quickest; all you need to do is ‘stay consistant.’
  3. Just when you think you’re entirely out of air, all you need to do is slowly lift your head and breathe deeply!
  4. It doesn’t matter how much money or time you spend on how you look; when we put on that swim hat, we all look laughable!
  5. Keeping your mind clear and body fit is like opening yourself up to health, gratitude, love, and life.

So next time you feel listless, tired, and unmoved, I strongly suggest that you find a beach or a pool. It will presumably be the last thing in the world you feel like doing. You’ll seemingly have a thousand reasons why you simply can’t buy the time to do it. You may even convince yourself that it won’t make any real difference. But I know you can do it, and you’ll feel good; go for it, go for a quiet swim!

Have a fantastic January and go on; take the leap!

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