5 Interesting Inventions You Didn’t Know Will Change Your Life


Everyone everywhere will be trying to tell you that their little product will change your life. But what products are being honest about that? To help you shift through the rubbish and find some actual quality items, here’s a look at some interesting and lesser-known- inventions that will positively impact and change your life and make you wonder why you didn’t choose to change far sooner. 

Some of these will make small impacts on your life that will help you become happier as a person or will change the way you see things completely!

1. Speaker shower head

This one might sound a bit strange but give it a chance. Most people LOVE singing in the shower, and this little gadget can play your music while you shower so you can sing along. It’s attachable to your already installed showerhead and can help you relax. Music is scientifically proven to make you happier and reduce stress, and showers are an economical and far more healthier way to bathe. These two combined can help you take your showers to a pinnacle of relaxation and help you feel rejuvenated in the long term.

2. PTAC heat pump

The temperature in indoor living spaces is a huge impact on our health and mood. Having a room too hot can cause headaches and lethargy, but in a room too cold can cause joint stiffness and shivering. To be as healthy and as comfortable as you ca be, you need to monitor these conditions. Getting a PTAC heat pump unit is a good way to do this as it is a heater and an air conditioner in one portable unit, and it doesn’t take up all too much space, either. For more information, check out PTAC4Less.

3. Pedometer

Ever wonder about how many steps you do in a day? You’re not alone as most do. A pedometer can help you get healthier and help you figure out if you’re doing your 10,000 steps you should be every day. It also helps you make healthier decisions and helps you work better while also encouraging you to take breaks from constant sitting to really get that step count going up.

4. Magnetic Stickers

Do you ever spend hours looking for that pair of kitchen scissors that decide they’re going to play hide and seek at the least convenient times? With the magnetic sticker, you can put a strong magnet on the wall and hold your knives and scissors to it. You can take them off the wall and put them where you need them. You can get bars, singular stickers, and more to help save time and make things that much easier to store.

5. Water filtration machine

A water filtration machine will make your water taste so much better and get out all the nasty bacteria that builds up in tap water that regular filters cant get rid of, and if you have a serious limescale problem in your kettles, it stops the chalkiness from getting into your water. It also helps the water taste better too, so you can enjoy a nice cool glass of water without wondering what all those floaty bits are. 

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