4 Signs You Are Experiencing Allergies


Allergies are common in both children and adults, but sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between them and another illness. Some of the most common symptoms include itching, swelling and wheezing – so if you’re experiencing those, there’s a chance you might need some anti-histamines. While a doctor will be able to determine what is wrong for certain, if these four signs apply to you, then the likelihood is that you are experiencing allergies. 

1: Your Symptoms Get Worse Around Animals

Many allergies are caused by pet dander, so if you find that your eyes water and your nose itch when a furry pet is around, it’s a reasonable sign that the symptoms are caused by allergies. If you own a pet, this may be harder to determine, especially if you’re around the animal a lot. If you suspect that your pet is causing you an allergic reaction, then make the effort to vacuum your house more often and give your pet plenty of brushes so they don’t leave their hair around quite so much. 

2: Everything Itches 

Itchiness is a common sign of allergies and it can hit you anywhere. Whether it’s itchy eyes, nose or a rash, often it’s the result of coming into contact with something that doesn’t agree with you. These symptoms are all especially irritating. If you are a sufferer, investing in itchy allergy eye relief will provide you with a much-needed break from the itch. 

Sometimes, itchiness can be caused by rashes of another nature, so if you find a rash alongside the itching, you must see a doctor to determine what has caused it. If you have an itchy head, then the culprit could be head lice or dandruff for example.  

3: You Struggle During the Summer 

Summertime is rife with allergies. With the bees doing their job of spreading the pollen, many sufferers find their noses running and their eyes watering. If you find that the symptoms flare-up in the summer, then you might be suffering from hay fever. Thankfully, there are several over-the-counter and natural remedies out there, with anti-histamines being the most popular. It’s also wise to close your windows and avoid grassy areas in the summertime. 

4: Your Home has Damp or Mold 

If you have trouble with your breathing, then it may not be asthma that is at fault. Damp, mold and mildew are known for causing allergy symptoms in sufferers – so if you find you are wheezing and there is mold in your home, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. If the mold is persistent, then consider investing in a professional to remove it. 

Some houses tend to grow mold quicker than others, and a simple way of combating this is by buying a dehumidifier. It works by ridding the air in your home of moisture, preventing damp, mold and mildew from taking form. If your bad chest is from this, then you’ll find once it’s gone that your breathing returns to normal.

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