4 Extraordinary Cruises in European Waterways


The land of invaders, Europe, has come a long way from its trespassing past. 

Modern-day Europe is an enchanting place. It has been the top destination for tourists and vacationers. If you have ever wanted to visit Europe, you might want to take a European cruise.

Many European cruises are available for adventure-seeking tourists who love waters. Here are a few sets of cruises to choose from:

Northern Europe

Cruise to Northern Europe for an unforgettable cruise holiday that presents you everything from glacial lakes to majestic fjords.

Not only will you be fluttered by the impressive natural panoramas, but you will visit the exciting and eccentric cultures of some genuinely incredible countries. 

  1. Entertain yourself in the beautiful Finnish attractions like smoked herring and reindeer sausage. 
  2. Learn the songs and dances of the Russian population in St. Petersburg. 
  3. Heal your mind and body in the clean Blue Lagoon of Iceland.
  4.  Immerse yourself in the myth-like of the Vikings.

There are mainly three varies of cruises crawling to North Europe. These are the Norwegian Fjords, Baltic Sea, and the British Isles/Ireland cruises. There is so much to see and do. You can find everything from hiking to royal palaces and castles to rushing waterfalls. So if you would like to visit the capital cities of Norway, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Russia’s St. Petersburg, Russia, this would be the ideal cruise for you.


A Mediterranean cruise involves a trip to the most impressive places to visit globally. 

  1. Admire the sites in Rome or Venice.
  2. Discover Croatia’s striking national parks.
  3. Explore the scenic Greek isles and the old temples, and indulge in the delicious local cuisines.

These cruises tour the most well-known and most elegant resort spots. Places like Italy, France, and Spain are located along the route. You will be awed by the charm and beauty of cities such as Venice, Rome, and Istanbul. The Greek Islands are also toured on a Mediterranean cruise. You will choose between an eastern or western Med cruise.

Western Europe

Relive the disturbing tale of young Jewish teenager Anne Frank, whose diary records during World War II became one of the most painful books of all time. Step inside the place where she lived in hiding with her parents, viewing the born-again museum exhibitions that describe their time in Amsterdam. Encounter London’s famous South Bank’s spectacles with local Cruises in Western Europe. Explore the world-famous River Thames and its neighboring wonders in this journey.

You will visit cities such as Paris, London, and Amsterdam on this cruise. You can experience the western Atlantic coast where you will find ancient history and even Normandy’s famous beaches. Other places you will visit include the British Isles. Here you will find many mythical tales and history, including mansions and colonial castles. 

Transatlantic Cruise

Have you ever thought of crossing an entire ocean in a single trip? You can go further than you ever thought possible on a legendary transatlantic cruise, traversing the waves between Europe and the United States. Departing from Barcelona, Florida, Copenhagen, and Southampton, these cruises include cultural islands and tropical stops in Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Iceland, and Greenland. Take in sweeping views of the Pacific while staying in exotic ports to see Vanuatu’s isolated beaches or Hawaii’s volcanic vistas.

This kind of cruise is all about doing the trip across the Atlantic. Over 90years ago, this trip was taken only by affluent people. Nowadays, you can take this fabulous trip in style and comfort. Some ships will stop at Bermuda or even visit the Caribbean islands. This trip is mostly spent on board. There are many things to do on the ship. Typically these trips are strictly seasonal, so you may have to wait until May to start your journey.

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