Yours Guide to Betting on the NFL

Sports betting in America is still a relatively new concept. The whole system is only just starting to open up in the country. This means that for many, making bets and winning them is a new phenomenon. For others it has been going on for years. One thing is for sure, there is money to be made if you are selecting the right things. But knowing what to select is easier said than done. Whilst America offers a vast selection of different sports to choose from, the biggest and wealthiest league in the world, the NFL is the perfect place to stick on some selections and bash the bookies. So here’s your guide to betting on the NFL.

Odds/Betting Selection

Having the knowledge of sports betting before sticking on bets is a must, and the NFL is no exception. Understanding odds and how they work allowing you to scope out the best bang for your buck and get the biggest return on your selection. Striking the fine balance between outsider and favourite and how much you are willing to wager is an integral part of betting. As is knowing what sort of selection and type of bet you are putting on, there are many available from favorites to be on to free bets at your favorite betting site. Increasing your odds and potential returns from multiplying your bet into double, trebles or accumulators can be a great way of boosting your odds, but runs the risk of decreasing the likelihood of making a return. These are all things that need to be considered. Sticking with worse odds and a higher wager tends to be the safe options for a limited return but if you have done good research and think luck may be on your side then a higher odds, less wager selection could be the choice for you. Regardless of your choice, knowing the league is important. With the NFL ODDS, every game is big, this means sticking on match betting can be a tough call with upsets likely and games going down to the wire.

Niche/ Obscure markets

As with any large league in the world, betting on the NFL can become so saturated that match betting seems a little bit pointless. With such a large market, the odds are slashed by bookies and return on your wager is not worth the risk. This is especially true of big games like the SuperBowl which sees very little return for an otherwise solid bet. This means when you are betting on the NFL it is best to have a look at more obscure and niche markets than just match betting. We would advise punters to have a deeper delve into the markets and take a chance on things like over/under points, specific touchdown scorers or points in a certain quarter, and most guides agree. These more specific and calculated bets allow for people to place much more prosperous bets and have the chance of walking away from the bookies with a much more sound looking pocket of profit.


As with any league that you are betting on, doing your research in the NFL is pivotal. Knowing the form, conditions and settings of the game are huge in the sport. Whilst every game tends to be competitive due to the roster setup and limited amount of games in a season, there are some easy indicators to take into consideration during the season. Form of the team and singular players is hugely important. As are the conditions and the magnitude of the game. For instance, in the Superbowl, the nature of the game is that it is a final and it really could go either way. These issues are all things to consider before taking a punt on a random bet. Luck can take you so far, but you really should be doing your research to win some bets.

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