Your Phone Is Your Doctor: 5 Online Therapy Services to Try

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Most people are now struggling with different mental health issues. However, they do not like the traditional in-person therapy sessions because of the awkwardness that is associated with them. Some people are tempted to provide misleading information about their conditions and end up getting ineffective solutions. Fortunately, therapy provided online makes things easier.

With services such as Calmerry, you don’t leave the comfort of your home to seek therapy. Everything you require for your mental well-being is available online. It is even more convenient during these times of the global Corona Virus Pandemic when people need to maintain physical distance. You communicate with your specialist through channels such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Chat through video
  • Text messages
  • Video messaging

Not all the companies that you come across can offer effective assistance. It is necessary to access therapy services before you finally decide on the one you want. Are you searching for the best online therapy, but you have no idea which one you should choose? The informative review below provides details of the top 5 to consider. 

Why You Should Trust Calmerry Service


  • Perfect matching of a client and a counselor;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Cancelation option available, etc.


  • May be costly to some.

If your goal is to land on the best online therapy, you should choose this one. Although it was established to assist people with mental health complications during the current pandemic, it has won the trust of many patients because of its reliability. The specialists offer people solutions when they face challenges like anxiety, depression, and family problems, among others.

What do you pay for a qualified online therapist here? There are different subscriptions, the most basic one being $45. Patients who need video sessions may pay more. The company does not accept insurance payments.

You access the services through an online interface that is easy to use. It doesn’t take long to get matched with the right therapist. Their Support team is always available if you have any questions. The service offers solutions that work.

Talkspace: What You Should Understand About the Service


  • The best therapy provided online;
  • Send as many messages as needed;
  • More than 2 500 pros willing to help, etc.


  • May be costly;
  • Need to wait after the sign-up to have your first session.

If you need a service that understands what it takes to match you with the right online therapist, this is the company to choose. When you sign-up, you provide details about your mental condition. From that information, you are offered the best counselor. Additionally, you are not forced to take your therapy sessions from a specific specialist. You can change a therapist if you no longer feel comfortable with the current one.

At Talkspace, you receive solutions to a wide variety of mental health complications at the same service. Whether you are facing teenage challenges, marriage problems, or you want family counseling, you can always find that and many more here. You select the communication mode you prefer to talk to the therapist, including audio and video methods.

Although the service may not be the cheapest, it offers reasonable therapy packages that are in the region of $65 and $99 weekly. The service only accepts payment through EAP insurance. Other advantages clients enjoy when they seek online therapy here include access to 3,000+ therapists and convenient services to the LGBTQ+ community. However, you may have to wait for a while to commence your therapy sessions after you sign up.

Betterhelp: The Top Therapy Service for You


  • Good prices;
  • Variety of therapy approaches and types;
  • Good rating, etc.


  • The cancellation process may be difficult;
  • Issues with a free trial option. 

Betterhelp is among the most popular therapy service providers. It is a company that offers many services, including those going through a rough patch in their marriages and those facing family challenges. When you need the best online therapy, this is where you should seek it. The professional counselors here offer exactly what you want.

Costs at this service are at a level that you can afford. The longer your therapy subscription, the less you pay. If you choose the weekly package, you end up paying $80 every week. Monthly, quarterly and, annual subscriptions cost $65, $45, and $35 respective weekly payments. You should consider this online counseling service when you need assistance.

A Comprehensive Review of Amwell Services


  • Doctors available anytime;
  • Huge variety of professionals to work with;
  • Good quality services, etc.


  • May be costly to some.

Whether you need reliable counseling or a psychiatry professional, you should consider Amwell. You can consult a professional on different mental health issues that bother you. The specialists are licensed, experienced, and understand you. Therefore, you can always get the assistance you need.

However, you can only receive therapy counseling through video sessions. Phone calls are only used for urgent issues. The sessions are always 45 minutes long. You can always choose this service to avoid traditional sessions that may not be convenient.

The services at this company are offered on a 24/7 basis. That means you can receive assistance at any time. The licensed and experienced therapists understand clients. For a 45-minute session, you pay between $99 and $110 as the company does not work on a subscription basis. Some clients find these rates a bit unaffordable.

Understand Doctor on Demand Therapy Services


  • Professional assistance for patients all around the world;
  • The possibility to choose a specialist;
  • An amazing website where a patient can find any needed info.


  • May be costly to some. 

If you need online counseling from a company that has offered assistance to patients for 5+ years, you should consider Doctor on Demand. You do not need to travel to the location of the specialist. The service offers online assistance to a wide variety of mental disorders, including stress and insomnia. They also have specialists to help you with allergies and nausea.

The price you pay for therapy online depends on the session you want. 25-minute and 50-minute therapy sessions cost $129 and $179, respectively. For psychiatry sessions, you pay $129 for a 15-minute session and $299 for a 45-minute one. A 15-minute medical session costs $75.

The service has a lot to offer to the clients. For example, you have access to different specialists, including an experienced online psychiatrist. Besides, the service has a professional website design that you can access at any time if you need assistance. It only takes a few minutes to join and begin your online sessions.

Choose a Service That Works for You

When you are looking for an online psychologist, choose a service that handles your issues professionally. The list above gives companies that you can select. You can choose any of the services above as they always deliver.

About the Author:
Kate Skurat – Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington, United States
Kate has a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has worked in healthcare since 2017. She primarily treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and grief, as well as identity, relationship and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience has focused on individual and group counseling, emergency counseling and outreach.

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