Why is Red Meat Bad for Health?


Red meat has been identified as a dangerous factor as more people become more conscious of what they consume and their health. Red meat is horrible for your health, and the conclusions from scientists after several types of research will be used to back up the responses. 

Red meat is known for increasing the risk of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease, two of the biggest killers worldwide. Red meat is dangerous for your heart because it contains a high level of saturated fat, leading to a rise in the level of cholesterol in the blood. Increased cholesterol in blood is one of the factors that directly increase the risk of heart disease. If you are not sure of why you should stop taking red meat, here is point one. 

Red meat has also been associated with an increased risk for cancer, especially colorectal cancer. A study conducted by the National Institutes of Health-AARP involving over 500,000 senior Americans showed a startling link between consumption of red meat and cancer. 

It was seen that those who mainly consumed a lot of red meat and processed meat stood a much higher risk of dying much sooner than those who consumed little red meat. The study also showed that they were more likely to die of cancer or heart disease. There is also a very apparent connection between the consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer.  

This connection is so severe that in 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund, alongside the American Institute for Cancer Research, concluded that red or processed meats had been shown to cause several cancers convincingly. Their report showed a direct link between processed meat, red meat, colorectal cancer, and even other kinds of malignancies like endometrial, stomach, lung, pancreatic, and esophageal cancers. 

Scientists are still working hard to know precisely what is in red meat that causes cancer. They have seen that saturated fat has been connected to heart disease and cancers of the breast and colon. It is also known that carcinogens are formed when meat is processed. 

Studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine show that enough proofs are showing the link between consumption of processed and red meats and an increased risk for the development of cancer, diabetes, premature death, and heart disease. 

It is even worse with processed meat, which has a more vital link between cancer (particularly colon cancer) and heart disease. This is because processed meat has high quantities of chemicals and additives and this can add to health risks. There is no particular amount of red meat that is considered safe enough for health so it is good to do away with or limit its barest minimum. 

Red meat is red mainly because of the heme iron in it. This form of iron can lead to the production of compounds that can lead to cellular damage, thus causing cancer. 

For those wondering, pork is also classified as red meat, not white meat. This classification was done by the United States Department of Agriculture. The content of a kind of protein called myoglobin is what is determines the color of the meat. This protein is known for binding oxygen in the muscle cells. Pork is classified as red meat as it has more quantity of myoglobin than fish or chicken. 

There is no need to consume red meat because the essential nutrients like proteins that some seek in it can also be seen in nuts, eggs, fish, and even in a plant-based or vegetarian diet. Overall, if your health means anything to you, you will do well to avoid red meat. 

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