Why is having a vision important for Leaders to succeed

Goal Setting

Please beware of a visionless leader because he is not special at all! If someone in a leadership position asserts that they are a populist leader and thus will support and be led by their constituents’ will, chances are that the individual is either unfit to lead and ill-prepare. 

I believe, and I will be quite blunt right here, “The most pitiful individual in the world is someone who has eyes but has no vision.” 

This is particularly true for leadership because true leaders must be counted upon to lead others to better days and better ways to achieve what is needed. This requires a mixture of in-depth knowledge, a keen passion for providing value to others, and the self-determination and experience to take charge and show what is needed and what must be achieved.

In my limited experience as a leader, I have explored that while I can get someone to understand the many skills and necessities needed for efficient leadership, it is their vision and how it carries them ahead in their life that differentiates the genuine leader from an imposter with crude abilities and skills. 

When it comes to effective leadership, vision means knowing not only what is and what has been, but recognizing what should and must be and how to get to that situation. This is possibly one of the most tricky aspects of leadership training because even prominent leaders enjoy some degree of gratification. Since others lacking vision may not instantly recognize real needs like someone with vision does, it can often be both lonely and frustrating.

Generally, a leader’s vision drives him to personally commit above and beyond what others may be ready to do. It also causes him to care more, sacrifice more, understand more, and do more than others. Our most outstanding leaders have recognized that they must use their vision to develop fundamental goals that others can care about, buy into, and adopt as their own. When a leader uses his energetic vision to inspire followers to embrace his vision as theirs, these individuals often become the hardest working and most committed when compared to others. 

Excellent leaders also know that they must help followers and develop the next generation. They sell their vision as a principal reason for others to wish to ascend to leadership. This is an excellent step while you govern an office or a political constituency. 

If you want to choose a leader, you should pick

  1. Someone who has a vision.
  2. Someone capable of explaining properly what is essential, his goals, course of action, and plans. 
  3. Someone who will make your organization or city more sustainable and relevant as we walk into the new decade.

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