Why Accepting Uncertainty Was The Best Thing For Fitness Trainer Trixie Isla-Velez

Trixie Isla-Velez

Trixie Isla-Velez is widely regarded as one of the most sought after fitness trainers in all of Hong Kong. She’s a Nike Trainer, an ambassador to numerous other brands, has created and sold several fitness programs on a mass scale, and has been in the industry for well over a decade. Her success is no fluke; she’s put years of blood, sweat and tears into her craft.

Trixie learned quickly that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Even during times when she felt like giving up, she knew that her consistent and relentless work ethic would have a positive effect for her future.

Even when her old bosses refused to give her a pay raise for her exceptional work and suggestions for the studio, she took a huge leap of faith in opening her very own studio. She had a strong emotional attachment to her old studio, but Trixie knew the only way for her to grow more as a fitness trainer would be with her very own business.

Her clients followed her wherever she went, and before long she was able to sign on a permanent location for DEFIN8, her company and brand. The one thing Trixie wants anyone reading to take away from her incredible journey is simple: Dreams really do come true. 

After leaving a job she cared a lot about and facing the uncertainty and stress of launching her own company, she’s now a world class fitness instructor and her relentless grit and work ethic is what’s gotten her here. 

With all of her experience, she wishes someone told her two things when she was first starting out: Appreciate all of your success whether it’s small or big, and learn how to reward yourself, and challenges will always be there but it’s key to take a deep breath, find a solution, and realize everything will be fine. 

Trixie was often so caught up in the daily grind that she forgot to look up and realize how far she’d come, and that was detrimental to her at times. If she could start again, she would take the time to step back once in a while and appreciate her progress even if she hadn’t reached her long term goals yet.

Trixie also came to find out that reaching out for help and advice from mentors and those close to her has been a game changer for her in her career. She admits that it’s sometimes hard to focus and overcome challenges, but searching for solutions rather than dwelling on the conflict has helped Trixie overcome everything thrown her way. 

Through it all, Trixie’s journey has been incredible and it’s no surprise that she’s risen to greatness in the fitness industry.

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