Which High-Performance Parts Are Best for Your Vehicle?

 Performance parts will help you bring your vehicle to its full potential. What kind of parts are out there, and what is best for your engine? Some bolt-on modifications unlock additional torque and horsepower, bringing faster acceleration, increased towing capabilities, and better passing ability. Here, we’ll take a closer look at a few parts that can help you fulfill your need for speed.


Stock mufflers are designed for versatility across a range of vehicle lines, so they’re usually not well-suited to high-performance applications. However, an aftermarket exhaust system from TDot Performance will give your car a much-needed boost. Slip-on mufflers and performance exhaust systems are designed for better flow, and they’ll provide deep tones without excessive cabin noise.

Cylinder Heads

This crucial part brings air and fuel into the engine while routing exhaust out. OEM cylinder heads are heavy and cumbersome, while our high-performance cylinder heads are great for track and street performance. Most performance heads are made of aluminum, which dissipates heat and cools the engine.

Air Filters

With a cold air intake kit or an air filter, you’ll get parts that look good and increase air flow. Cold air intake kits not only provide a horsepower boost, but they also make today’s performance vehicles more efficient. Stock air intake systems aren’t built for superior fuel economy or power, but our parts are. Performance air filters are also made of high-quality materials, which facilitate airflow and provide a slight horsepower boost. We have one of Canada’s largest selections of air filters, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your performance vehicle.


Though most performance vehicles now have fuel injection systems, many automotive enthusiasts still prefer the adjustability of a carburetor. These parts are designed to mix fuel and air, which is then burned within the engine. If your vehicle has a carburetor, upgrades are possible. For instance, on older cars, going from a two-barrel carburetor to a four-barrel unit will bring a remarkable performance increase. You’ll also need an intake manifold, but we can help you find those parts, too. View our selection online or use our contact form to request more information on our performance automotive parts and accessories.


A crankshaft has an important purpose: it converts linear energy into forward momentum, which drives the vehicle forward. The average OEM crankshaft will likely be heavy enough to hold a vehicle back from reaching its full power potential. With a lightweight crank, your engine will rev quicker, and its reduced mass will bring faster and more nimble takeoffs.

Performance Brakes

Performance brake kits typically include upgraded shims, pads, and rotors, as well as the hardware necessary for installation. High-performance brake pads are slotted for easier removal of buildup, which improves contact with the brake rotor. The holes in a brake rotor add lightness and facilitate the dissipation of heat, while aggressive pads offer strong pedal response, stable performance, and reliability under pressure.

Choose the Right Parts

If you’re after a memorable automotive experience, you’ll need quality parts. Our aftermarket engine parts will help increase your engine’s acceleration and performance without adding weight or sacrificing durability. At TDot, we’re focused on improving vehicle performance through the addition of high-quality, durable engine components and accessories. With our help, it’s possible to increase performance without sacrificing safety. Whether you’re upgrading your car’s exhaust system, engine, or interior comfort, we’re here to help. We offer Canada’s best and widest selection of auto parts from the world’s most well-known brands, and we’d love to count you among our satisfied customers. Click today to browse our selection or call to talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable automotive experts.

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