What is the Raikov Effect? Can you Install Someone Else’s Genius?


In 1971, a dozen students took part in an experiment conducted by Vladimir Raikov, and something unnatural happens that turns each one of the students into Einstein-level-geniuses and world-class Musicians instantly. Every student that participated in the experiment became an expert in their respective fields, and a few of them even ended up being famous Musicians, Dancers, and Entrepreneurs.

This experiment baffled the Psychological world for decades and what exactly happened on that stage was long-thought to be lost forever.

After a long wait, the experiment was decoded and recreated, and named the Raikov Effect.

It is a method to activate a state of pure genius on demand instantly.

What is the Raikov Effect?

Raikov effect is a type of hypnosis technique that uses brain training techniques to enhance your abilities, be it physically or mentally challenging. This Raikov Effect course is known to have benefitted some really successful people who were struggling in their life before trying the Raikov effect course.

With the help of the Raikov effect, you can install the genius of someone else into your own self. This is achieved using deep trance techniques and some information from Dr. Vladimir Raikov’s experiment.

As you start to practice the Raikov effect course, you will begin to feel a lot more focused, confident, and creative. You will be able to control your feelings, such as anger, depression, and mood swings.

To get a better idea of how the Raikov Effect works, you can read this detailed Raikov Effect Review

How to Use the Raikov Effect?

When you enroll in the course, you will be given aRaikov Effect PDF. It is advised to go through the PDF first before listening to the Raikov Effect MP3 audios. Once you are done with the PDF, you will understand the different techniques used and how you can implement the Raikov Effect using those techniques.

The Rakov Effect PDF will help you answer your doubts and boost your confidence in the program.

I believe that going in with the right mindset is very important and decisive to the program’s overall outcome.

After this, you need to follow a five-step procedure-

Deciding your Role Model-

This is the first and most crucial part of the Raikov Effect program. The program is based on installing the genius of someone you admire or looking forward to, so it is required to imagine that person while practicing the course. 

You can also keep a photo of your role model with you.

Pretending to be your Role Model-

Before getting into this step, you should probably try and study your role model’s behavior. Learn how they react or walk, or talk. Basically, you need to act like them. Think of yourself as an actor, and you are given the role of the person you admire.

Visualize them in your dreams and imagine them standing infront of you and watching you act like them.


Once you feel you have finally gotten into the boots of your role model. The next step is to use their brain genius.

Start thinking about how your role model will act in a particular situation or problem. This will help you get answers to the problems you otherwise would not have been able to get.

Become an anchor

This is a digital program, and there are no therapists in your room. You need to be your own therapist and lead yourself. It would be best if you become an anchor in the process.

The Final Step

In this step, you must finally trust in yourself and implement all your learnings from the Raikov Effect course. Don’t waste your energy thinking about the consequences, and just focus on the process.

Try to stay away from negativity as it can harm your process of achieving your goals.

Does the Raikov Effect Work?

The Raikov Effect program has been criticized for its techniques and its ability to help someone improve their abilities.

But, all of the techniques used in the program are backed by science, and moreover, many experts have also praised the program and the way it’s structured.

One of the many experts Bob Doyle, a renowned Law of Attraction teacher, is also a part of the program. He also features in the explanatory video of the Raikov Effect program available on their official website.

The success of the Raikov effect depends on your hardwork and the dedication with which you implement the course in your life.

Raikov Effect Cost

The whole Raikov Effect program, including the Raikov Effect PDF, Raikov Effect MP3’S, comes at a price tag of $237, which is quite reasonable considering the amount of content that comes with the program and the kind of knowledge it provides.

Although the company offers a flat $100 discount, which brings down the Raikov Effect price to $137for users who sign up through a special VIP invite link. I will add the site link below from where you can get the VIP link

Grab the Special VIP Invite link from Affirmations Life

The company also offers a 1-Year-Money-Back-Guarantee, so if you feel that the program is not worth your time or efforts, you can avail the guarantee. You will not be asked any question as the company follows a strict no questions asked policy.

Raikov Effect Free Downloads

Although the program isn’t free, the company does offer a few free bonuses. It shows how much the company is dedicated to helping its users, and this is one of the reasons I trust this Raikov Effect program and also the makers of the program.

These free bonuses help you understand the program a lot better and are focused on certain parts of life, such as happiness and money.

The three bonuses are-

1 .Body Language Secrets

2.  The Placebo Effect

3. The As-If Technique

Conclusion- Is Raikov Effect a Scam?

The Raikov Effect is definitely not a scam regardless of the situation that it works for you or not. Usually, the article writers use the term “Raikov Effect Scam” in their Raikov Effect reviews to attract more viewers to their websites. Still, none actually says that Raikov Effect is a scam.

The reason I am so sure is that that the entire Raikov Effect program is based on scientific methods and techniques and does not require you to do any baseless practices.

Also, there have been many positive Raikov Effect customer reviews, which suggests that the Raikov Effect has helped them turn their lives around and is capable of helping anyone who wants to do the same.

So if you are someone who wants to improve your IQ, grow your business, be good at sports, or, for that matter, inherit someone else’s genius in yourself , the Raikov Effect is for you.

So, try the Raikov Effect from the link below to get additional discounts and bonuses as well. Remember you have nothing to loseJ

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