What Does an Aesthetic Doctor Do?

When some people hear the term “aesthetic doctor” they are quick to compare them to cosmetologists or cosmeticians. They think that an aesthetic doctor is just fancy name for a makeup artist, but the two occupations are very different. Aesthetic doctors have to go to medical school and are recognized as medical doctors. They are essential doctors who specialize in the field of medicine having to do with the looks or appearance, particularly of the face.

There are many different kinds of aesthetic doctors. Some of them only perform facelifts or face surgery. Others use no surgical methods at all and will apply creams, insert threads and use injectable to achieve the kind of results that they are looking for.

If you are looking for an aesthetic doctor to perform a procedure on you or to give you a certain kind of look, then you will want to find one who has the right specialty. Make sure you ask any aesthetic doctor about their specialty and field of practice before you schedule an appointment with them.

Better Results than Cosmetics

The big difference between cosmetology and aesthetics is the kind of results that you can get. Cosmetics can only give you touchups, but you get much more from an aesthetic specialist. Going for treatment with someone like Dr. Isaac Wong, an aesthetic doctor in Singapore, you could undergo a face thread lift procedure that rejuvenates your face over time while instantly changing the appearance of certain key facial areas.

Injectable treatments can dramatically alter your appearance, reshaping the nose, jaw, cheeks and other key areas. You could benefit from dermal fillers that are natural and safe for the body but that make a huge difference in how smooth, tight and clear the skin looks.

Cosmetics take much longer to work for the same results as aesthetics. With an aesthetic treatment, you can see a huge change in the way wrinkles, fines lines and blemishes look on your skin. The difference can be seen immediately and be significant. The reason many people choose an aesthetic doctor rather than a cosmetician is because they want more drastic and lasting changes than what the cosmetologist can give them.

Safer than Cosmetic Surgery

Another kind of specialist that people will compare aesthetic doctors in Singapore to would be cosmetic surgeons. These kinds of specialists can perform face lifts, reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasties and other major changes and alterations to the body.

Cosmetic surgeons cut into the body many times to achieve the kind of results that their clients want. Aesthetic doctors do not need to do that. They cannot provide alterations that are as dramatic as what you would get with a cosmetic surgeon, but their methods are much safer. There is less chance of infection, complications and side effects. Correcting an aesthetic doctor’s work is much easier and simpler than it would be to correct a cosmetic surgeon who did a poor job.

A lot of the people who would typically go see a cosmetic surgeon for their needs will instead choose an aesthetic doctor. They prefer the cheaper, safer methods of the aesthetician and may be satisfied with the results they can get there, even if they are not as significant as what the cosmetic doctor could provide.

Do You Need an Aesthetic Doctor?

If there is some aspect of your face that you are not happy with, you may want to consider seeing an aesthetic doctor about it. They may be able to make changes that you would be much happier with and give you a more appealing appearance. They can provide a wide range of services, beyond the few services and procedures that were mentioned here.

Aesthetic doctors can also help with some kinds of health problems. An oddly shaped nose could be giving you breathing difficulties, and reshaping that can make a difference in your quality of life.

It doesn’t hurt to simply schedule a consultation and get the advice of a specialist about your issue. You may find that the treatment that’s recommended is less invasive, cheaper and more effective than how you imagined it would be.

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