What Are The Best IPL Rivalries In History?


One of the most mysterious and also most interesting things about the sport cricket is that despite it being considered by experts as the third biggest sports in the world–with football and basketball on the first and second places, respectively–a lot of non-sports savvy people are not familiar of how the games are played, and a lot are not even aware that a sport called as such exists. Still, it cannot be denied that the sport is big, and it has a huge following and fanbase. With that in mind, it cannot be avoided that throughout its history, team rivalries would exist–with some more exciting and more historic than others.

The Indian Premier League, the most attended cricket tournament in the world, is not new to these rivalries. Someone who had been a fan of the franchise for the past serval years can name a good number of best IPL rivalry matches in history. These games put the fans at the edge of their seats and brought huge uproars and cheering on the game stadiums.

Some rivalries last only for one season, while some span for several seasons and involve several sets of players. Although some players come and some go, some rivalries did not change for quite some time.

So, what are the best and most iconic rivalries throughout the history of the Indian Premier League? Here are the three rivalries of the franchise that etched the deepest records in its annals.

#3 – Mumbai Indians Vs Kolkata Knight Riders

This rivalry was one of the hottest things in the IPL during its early years as a franchise. Back then, the Mumbai Indians were headed by Sachin Tendulkar and Kolkata Knight Riders by Sourav Ganguly. These two personalities were the biggest and most-loved players at the time, and they both hold impressive records and feats under their names both as individual players and as part of the entire team.

Although the rivalry slowly died down as the roster of players for both teams went through many changes, it remains to be one of the most memorable ones to the fans. Throughout their playing history in the IPL, MI and KKR faced-off a total of 25 times, with the MI winning 19 times and the KKR only having six wins.

#2 – Chennai Super Kings Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

What made the rivalry between the Chennai Super Kings and the Royal Challengers Bangalore unique from all other rivalries is that it goes beyond just the heated competition within the sport of cricket.

This rivalry between the two teams is also often called the “Ashes of the South,” and is fueled not only by the sport but also by the various political issues surrounding the team’s home states about the old Cauvery water dispute.

However, when it comes to the game record, CSK had won 16 out of the 25 times they faced off with the RCB, with RCB only winning eight times.

#1 – Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians

It is not an overstatement to say that the rivalry between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians is the most epic, most exciting, and most historic rivalry in the history of the IPL so far, and nothing is yet to top it.

So far, the two teams have faced-off a total of 31 times, with the CSK winning a total of 18 times and the MI only being victors for 13 games. When it comes to titles, the CSK have won three titles while the MI have had four championship cups won so far.

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