Ways you Can Upgrade your Garage

If you’d like to use your garage for something other than storage, then you owe it to yourself to implement a few choice upgrades. You’ll be able to create a space where you can be productive. This applies especially if you’re using it to actually maintain your car.

Get Storage Sorted

All of the equipment you’re using needs to be stored somewhere. If you’re feeling particularly organised, then you might invest in overhead storage – this will give you the space to move about beneath, which can be a godsend in cosier garages where space is at a premium. Cabinets can also help you to cut down on visual noise, which can make the garage that much more pleasant to live and work in. Look for a chest that can store all of your tools, and nail anything bigger to the walls.


Your garage will tend to be among the coldest rooms in the home, for the simple reason that it’s not actually a part of your home. You can minimise the chill factor with the right insulation. Cavity wall insulation can work nicely – it’ll reduce your energy bills if you decide that you need to heat the space, and it’ll allow you to keep things nicely cool during the peak of summertime.

You can also take steps to insulate the rear of your garage door. Check online for reflective board-based insulation; it can improve the thermal performance of the door, thought it’ll also add a little bit of weight, so make sure that your door can handle it.


If you’ve invested a great deal in your car, and you’re committed to looking after it yourself, then installing a few thousand on a lift might be worth your while. You’ll be able to inspect the underside of the vehicle without having to get down on your hands and knees – and, if you invest in the right one, it’ll last for decades. 


Getting your flooring sorted can massively improve the look of the room. This might mean tiling spread across the entire space – a procedure that can quickly run into the thousands of pounds. You might also add an anti-fatigue mat to the spaces where you spend a lot of time standing; they’ll reduce the pressure on your leg joints, and reduce the likelihood of you slipping over. These are the kinds of investment that you regret not going for – so why put it off?

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