Vinki Zhang Steals the Spotlight with His Ability to Capture the Majesty of Science-Fiction Through Digital Art


Extensive automation across the manufacturing sector, the rising trend of online businesses, and the conceptualization of self-driving cars are some strong indicators of the world’s reliance on technology. As the world moves towards advancement, people’s reliance on tech-powered solutions keeps on increasing, leading them to a digital transformation. The transition into a digital landscape has opened doors to opportunities that no one knew could exist. It has widened the horizons of the minds encouraging people to choose unique career paths and directions.

While this transition has led people into new professional landscapes, there are still a few that are yet to be discovered. One field that has gained momentum in this digital era is, arts. Artists with a knack of creativity and a vivid imagination cross the boundaries of traditional arts and step into a modern form of art, popularly known as ‘digital art.’

Art has been an ever-evolving field. Starting from cave drawings, art has now evolved itself due to the changing demographics of this world. When it comes to traditional arts, names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso come to mind, but there are not names that have come out as powerful visual or digital artists. Working to change this is the 30-year-old, Vinki Zhang. He is a rising visual artist who, through his strong imagination and love for science fiction, is convincing the world of the power of digital art.

Steampunk warships, zeppelin airships, post-apocalyptic scenes, alien invasions, and super viruses are some of the elements of Vinki’s craft that makes him stand out from the crowd of digital artists. His admiration for science fiction and love for arts has led to a dynamic combination, giving the world visual arts masterpieces such as ‘The Dreadnought Chronicles.’ The aspiring visual artist’s portfolio is full of impressive digital paintings, but this one is the first piece that was exhibited and published overseas.

Bringing a New Perspective in the World of Arts

Artists are real-life magicians. They possess the capability of making masses look towards the world from their own perspective. It is much more than just a form of talent as these individuals have the power to express their feelings and emotions in the form of art pieces. An artist’s craft is a reflection of their inner vision, and their work resonates with an audience’s intellect, emotions, and senses. Many people believe that ‘digital’ art is a violation of the sacredness of traditional arts. Doing justice to this form of expression, Vinki has gifted the world of arts with his artistic masterpieces that are a reflection of his deep admiration for science fiction.

Shedding light unto his art piece that made it into exhibitions overseas, “The Dreadnought Chronicles,” this is an art series that has taken the world of digital art by a storm. Referring to this piece as his ‘trademark’ work, he hopes to update this art series every year. It is a Sci-Fi art series that revolves around the steampunk genre. His art piece covers an alternative timeline in history. It displays elements of ‘a post-apocalypse world since the early 20th century —— a pre-World War One world which was invaded by aliens.’ While discussing his digital art series, Vinki shared the story behind it.

“…the aliens failed to conquer the Earth and made peace with United Terran Force. As a result, human technology and its civilizations had changed courses due to extraterrestrial invasion… then a powerful fleet made up of flying Dreadnoughts and flying vehicles were built since they are products of reversed engineering to alien technology (antigravity propulsion)…”

The story behind this art piece is proof of Vinki’s far-sighted imagination. He has used his expertise in the field of arts to share his powerful imagination that majorly works in an alternate world. Convinced of the mastery behind this art piece, the authors of “Middle East Art Collectors Association Middle East Art Collector Book: Volume 2” chose four artworks from this series and published it in their book. It was a milestone in his artistic career, and it encouraged Vinki to explore his horizons in the world of visual arts.

Just before the world got hit by COVID-19, Vinki partnered with Stefania Pinsone, an Italian artist with works published in GQ and Vogue. Vinki planned to have a collaborative exhibition in the UK. With this project on hold, Vinki decided to be productive during the quarantine period. He drew inspiration from this phase, being locked within the doors of his home and living in isolation, which led him to the conceptualization of his next art piece, “Sci-fi MV project: Icelution.” A thought began to tingle his creative mind. ‘What if in future extraterrestrial civilization invades Earth by using a super virus and creating storms to weaken the human force before launching a full-scale attack.

His interesting ideas and gorgeous and attractive art-work, convinced his Italo-Argentinian friend Daniela Bessia, most known in Asia as(安达) with a long experience performing for the largest productions in China and international productions, to confirm her as his new female hero, playing the lead character of “Luna”.  “I can’t wait to represent Luna, and show how strong, beautiful and unique women can be”, Bessia said.

The leading role “Luna” is a woman of strong will power, a skillful survivalist of her own, also a person risks herself to help others; and in many aspects braver and more respectable than many men. We think she can be regarded as a kind of contemporary heroine in the “Icelution” movie (Luna is representing women in leadership).

Daniela, along with her team, were also confirmed as the song’s music producers and official MV for Icelution,, where they will work on new ideas based on Vinki’s digital art concepts to inspire and attract new fans for the upcoming “Sci-fi movie: “Icelution”.

Born and raised in Tianjin City, Vinki Zhang has fully embraced the changing demographics of the world. He understands that the young generation is on the lookout for something unique and different. By bringing a unique perspective to the world of arts, Vinki believes, “digital arts have the best graphics and details when they are showed on an illuminating screen of 4K or even 8K resolution. It will provide far more superior experience with artworks than those arts done by traditional materials.” An advocate of the digital arts, this aspiring visual artist is bringing a new perspective to the world with his capability to capture the majesty of science-fiction through arts. His craft is an example of how digital arts hold the potential to connect with the ‘modern’ generation.

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