Uber rolls out package delivery service in 2,400 new US locations

(IANS) Ride-hailing major Uber has started rolling out its package delivery service, Uber Connect, to over 2,400 new US cities and towns.

The move, which comes even as stay-at-home orders and social distancing continue during the holiday season, is expected to help people find ways to connect and share the giving spirit with their loved ones.

Uber originally introduced Uber Connect in April, and have since designed a “new end-to-end experience for more seamless Secret Santa gifting and sharing homemade treats to a loved one across town”, Akansha Kumar, Product Lead – Uber Connect, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

The new updates include “Receive a package” feature. So in addition to sending packages, users can now receive or request for a package.

For example, when you need to borrow hardware to hang your holiday lights, simply place the request with the “Receive a package” feature.

Uber said it has also made it simpler to access the product and improved package tracking feature.

The package delivery service was built to provide a contactless experience, the company said.

Uber Connect is currently available in thousands of cities around the world.

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