Travel Guide to Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island is an external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between New Caledonia and New Zealand. Its history, natural features, and serenity, amongst other factors, have made it a desired destination for tourists from various parts of the globe. It is truly a tranquil paradise, and visitors often comment on the unforgettable memories they have. 

Getting to Norfolk Island

You can travel to Norfolk Island by flights on Air New Zealand. This airline operates its trips from international terminals in Brisbane and Sydney. The typical schedule is two flights every week out of Sydney and also the same out of Brisbane. The flight takes around two and a half hours, but schedules can change at any time, so you need to confirm with the airline. 

What to Wear on Norfolk Island

You will be okay with casual and comfortable fabrics. It is good to go for warm clothes in the evenings. For the summer, you will do well with sunscreen and a hat. 

Where to Stay on Norfolk Island

Even though the island is pretty tiny, there are impressive options when it comes to accommodation. You can choose from several cottages, hotels, holiday inns, and even self-contained units, all of which will fit nicely into your budget. 

Most of these are found just outside the town or in the Burnt Pine area. You can be sure of breathtaking views of the endless ocean or imposing valleys. Each of these places offers you the finest local and international dishes, so you will never run out of ideas regarding what to eat and drink on this charming island. 

Things to Do on Norfolk Island

For such a small island, there is an exciting shopping experience that you can have there. Enjoy the thrill of the shopping center situated in Burnt Pine on Taylor’s Road. You can get the best of duty-free products in this shopping zone. Products that you can purchase include local cosmetics, jewels, and shoes. Those interested in the best souvenirs will get weaved items, pottery, artworks, and woodwork, all designed by the locals. 

Apart from shopping, there are so many other things that you can do, especially tours. Some of the most well-known tours include the Pitcairn Settlers Village Tour, Crystal Single Kayak Tours, Aalehau Island Tours, Christians Glass Bottom Boat Cruise, and Baunti Escape Tours. 

It would be best to explore the historic convict settlements while swimming in the pristine Emily Bay. The history behind the World Heritage convict site is something we covered in one of our earlier articles.

Following the arrival of James Cook in 1774, there was the first settlement on Norfolk Island as a convict colony. Fast forward to 1855, and Queen Victoria gifted the island to the descendants of one of the most outstanding naval mutinies. Touring the stone structures in Kingston and its museums will open your eyes to the history of the entire island. 

Stargazers have also praised the island for being one of the best places on the planet to enjoy the activity. There is minimal light pollution and, it has some of the darkest skies, so come with your binoculars and peer into the bowels of the cosmos. 

Those who love snorkeling amidst coral and charming fish will find the waters of the Emily Bay heavenly indeed. Swimming in the clear waters of the Anson Bay or the Emily Bay Lagoon is going to be one of the best experiences you will have on Norfolk Island. 

Golfers can enjoy the exotic game at the only golf course on a World Heritage Site on the planet. The 18-tee course has magnificent views from all the holes, and players will cherish the memories of their exploits on the green. 

Moving Around Norfolk Island

The island has many hills and a decent road network, so it is best to hire a car or get a taxi driver when you want to explore. Some accommodation sites automatically include car hire options in the bookings.

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