Top tips for playing scratchcards

Whether you have once played online scratch cards @ Bucky Bingo or purchased them in any other shop, you may have faced some challenges playing it, especially if it was your first time. 

This can be disappointing, but there is a way you can avoid making some mistakes. you need to understand the rules and terms of playing scratch cards before you decide to play them. This article explains the top tips for playing scratchcards.

Buy winning cards

Buying winning cards may seem like a straightforward issue, but it can be hard to figure out how you can buy such winning cards. Thankfully, it’s easy to pick up the winning cards in Bucky Bingo official domain

The best way is to check on the reverse side of the lottery scratchcard because you can get a chance of winning by reading on the back of the scratchcard. For example, you need to choose the cards that have better odds like 1 in 3 rather than 1 in 4.  

With the online scratchcards, the strategy works the same. You see, when you’re playing at a bingo site or casino, you can check for the Returned To Player figure, which is a number that is shown as a percentage. 

For instance, when this number is shown as 91.56%, it means that 91.56% of the money you stake on the game is returned to you. Therefore, a higher percentage rate can be more favorable for you, meaning you should avoid games that have Returned To Player’s lower than 90%. 

Small stakes can bring big wins

You, like any other player, don’t like to lose big money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your stakes low so that you can play the game longer and survive hard times. It can be tempting to increase your stakes, but avoid doing it. After all, it can be easier to check how much you’re spending on the game while the stakes are pretty low. 

Keep in mind that online scratchcards offer some generous bonuses to new players. This is unlike real-world scratchcards that fail to extend the same courtesy. It means online casinos and platforms can offer you significant incentives just to ensure that you sign up and play their games. 

These incentives include matched deposit bonuses, totally free cash, and free games. But you should expect to find some terms and conditions that apply to these kinds of offers, so ensure that you read such details before joining. 

Above all, scratchcards are quite appealing because they have big jackpots. In most cases, scratchcards are affordable, and make sure that you cash in scratchcard wins. Many people forget to cash in their scratchcard wins leading to the expiry of the cards after a few months. 

Thankfully, all the scratchcard winnings can be paid directly into your online casino account. The trick is to ensure that you draw down about 50% of your total winnings so that you don’t always overplay. In this way, you can avoid overplaying, so you can not lose all the money to the casino.

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