Top 5 SPF Record Checkers Online

SPF Record

SPF is a safety provision where an SPF record with the list of all approved email servers approve to send mails on behalf of an entity (using their domain name) is mentioned in the DNS (Domain Name Service).  It is set in an SPF record form which has a unique format. When you go for the accuracy check, it is called SPF record check. This is done to make sure the SPF record syntax is error-free, intact and hasn’t missed listing any authorized servers. So, it makes the full SPF policy error-free and effective. It efficiently prevents anyone from sending spam mails for phishing using the domain of a company.

Why should you have SPF Record Check?

A low grade SPF suggests the vulnerability of the company to malicious hackers using their domain name to spam and phish. It costs the organization its part of fiscal loss and defamation. Low grade SPF indicates large number of spoofing mails which companies are likely to receive due to the poor implementation of Sender Policy Framework by domains.    

Here are the best 5 SPF record checker online:


The mail authentication service of Fraudmarc will repair mistakes which a SPF record checker states automatically.  Right implementation of SPF is an important part of DMARC execution. It offers a DMARC check tool to analyse DMARC policies.


In order to apply SPF, you need to have a valid SPF record. Mimecast DMARC Analyzer check SPF record to validate your SPF record. You can also get a pre-validation on an update you want to apply to your record to avoid any kind of post-update problem. You can carefully test the updates to your SPF record before implementing them. 

MX Toolbox

The SPF record checker functions as a diagnostic tool which functions as SPF record look up and authenticator. It will check the SPF record for the questioned domain name, showcase the SPF record and run tests against the record and highlight any errors detected in the record. The objective is to lower the amount of spam and fraud making it difficult for the hackers to disguise their identity. 


They help you use SPF records for your domain. They make use of an authentic RFC 7208 amenable library for tests and will instantly test for the processing limit errors. Kitterman uses a caching DNS resolver. It means that tests which use live DNS will be cached for live of the DNS record. For normal uses, the tests will be self-explanatory. However, advance users may need and require some additional information on the working of these tools.     


This SPF Surveyor uses a SPF diagnostic tool which showcases the SPF records in a graph form. The graphical form allows people to easily know which servers are approved to send on behalf of a domain. The tool majorly concentrates on domain level validation and ignores the parts of SPF which handle local parts of mail addresses.

These are the five best SPF record checker online. 

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