Top 5 In-Season Accessories for Women

Women ask a lot of their winter gear. When the time comes to break out the parka, we still want fashion finds that keep us looking as stylish as ever—in addition to being warm and dry!

From cozy scarves to the perfect winter hat, the right accessories are key when the temperature starts to dip. Here are the perfect in-season winter accessories to keep you comfortable without sacrificing style.

1. Heavy Jewelry

Gone are the days of dainty, summery jewelry. Winter brings cold weather and whipping winds that make it hard to keep your fashionable accessories in place.

Instead, opt for heavier choker necklaces that won’t get lost under your scarf, as well as chunky chain bracelets to add a chic touch to cable-knit sweaters. While everyone loves dangling earrings, consider swapping them for larger vintage-inspired studs that the wind won’t try to rip from your ears!

2. Winter Hats

Though the versatile beanie is growing in popularity in the fashion world, it’s far from the only women’s hat to offer a touch of effortless style to an outfit. Modern winter hats tend to be made of heavier, more insulating materials, including cashmere and merino wool, but these accessories are just as elegant as they are functional.

Try finishing off your outfit with an iconic beanie for a day-to-night look that elevates your style, for example. Alternately, a wool fedora can dress up a cozy winter sweater and boots. Check out the best hats for women to find the right one to match your style.

3. Knit Arm Warmers

The classic look of knit arm warmers is a trending winter style in recent years. As ponchos and capes and capes have risen in popularity, so has the need to warm the arms without the use of sleeves.

This elegant look can be both warm and dramatic, especially with longer varieties that venture toward the elbows. In addition, fingerless options make it easy for those who work with their hands to have functionality without sacrificing warmth.

4. Oversized Scarves

With airy summer scarves safe in our closets, it’s time to turn to one of the biggest fashion trends—literally.

Also called “blanket scarves,” oversized scarves can be part accessory and part blanket, allowing you to elevate an outfit with little effort while toting around a little extra warmth for when you need it. They can be tricky to learn to style, but some simple tips will help you make the most of this versatile fashion find.

5. Earmuffs and Headbands

Classic earmuffs offer a playful, fun touch to an outfit while keeping away the chill, but modern ear warmers can be as fashion-forward as they are functional.

From foldable cashmere earmuffs to fleece athletic headbands, you’ll find that these lightweight warmers are a must-have accessory this winter and beyond. Don’t forget to check for headbands with ponytail holes to match your style.

Find Your In-Season Fashion Accessories

Just because winter has unleashed its chill doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of fashion. With these in-season accessories, you’ll show the ice and snow who’s boss in style. Shop for the fashion finds you love this season.

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