The Real Difference Between Unconditional Love and Ego Based Fear


We’ve all heard and been told that there are only two emotions, love and fear, more times than we can count.

From my experience, I see love as unconditional love and fear as Ego-based fear and doubt.

Unconditional love is filled with joy, harmony, happiness, bliss, health, peace, abundance, prosperity. Egoistic fear and doubt are filled with disharmony, chaos, anger and confusion, disease, and limitation.

A few walk among us who can honestly say they are free from doubt and fear on any level. The rest of us — including me — face fear, sometimes daily.When we feel good about ourselves, our circumstances, and what is happening within and around us, we are in alliance with love, dreams, and unconditional love.

When something “triggers” us, if we’re not careful, we can plunge a tunnel that’s filled with more shadow and darkness than light. Egoistic chatter has one intention and only one, to keep us feeling insignificant, small, and in a place of anxiety and uncertainty.

Unconditional love has many intentions: to uplight and empower, clear the path before you of challenges and obstacles. Encourage and allow your dreams to substantiate and abundance and prosperity to flow into your daily experience and bank accounts.

We always decide to pick freedom that accompanies unconditional love — OR — stay in that space of Egoistic uncertainity.

To come from a space of unconditional love takes patience, practice, and kindness with yourself. What you’re really doing is building a new pathway and allowing old, outdated paths in your conscious mind to become overgrown, until it disappears from memory.

Association with love is taking a Leap of Faith to a higher zone and exhibiting more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Aligning with fear-based emotions and thoughts take us farther away from achieving our dreams of connecting with our goals and having the abundance and prosperity we desire.

My question to you is., are you aligning with unconditional love or Egoistic doubt and fear?

Remorse and Guilt

I am amazed by just how much remorse, shame, and guilt travels through our veins every day.

No matter how long you’ve been on your route of inner-reflection, healing, and letting go of anything and anyone who no longer connects vibrationally, there seems to be that particular thought about “what will they say about me and my goals and dreams?”

That truth is, those who really care about you want you to achieve in manifesting your goals and goals. When we support others unconditionally, we defend ourselves with more ease and grace.

When we don’t demand our truth, we are pulling inward and away from who we are and what we came here to do; connect with your goals, and live our purpose with prosperity and abundance.

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