The “Cartel”- A Perfect Depiction of Inspiration Through Art

Art by Kenny Kenglomerate

The entertainment industry has immensely evolved overtime. While the world moves towards more refined movies and other entertainment channels, the movies from the past century have been groundbreaking in terms of their acting, dialogues, and most importantly, storylines. Certain movies from that era have phenomenally impacted the audience, still being cherished by some of them.

Movies have a special connection to humans. The characters and storyline of the movies hold immense significance that has the power to move the audience. Kenny Kenglomerate is among such individuals who have experienced a mesmerizing effect of one such movie, called the “Scarface.” Released on December 9th, 1983, the movie was met with a considerable amount of applause and recognition due to its intriguing story and exceptional acting. Kenny, spellbound with the movie, has portrayed his appreciation through his digitally designed painting known as the “Cartel.”

1. The Detailing of The Masterpiece

Art has the ability to express feelings and emotions that words never can. As portrayed by Kenny, “Cartel” is a true depiction of Al Pacino’s character known as “Tony Montana” in the movie. In search of the American dream, Montana is shown as a Cuban refugee. The transparent dollar sign that catches the first glimpse of the audience illustrates Tony’s burning desire for power and greed, the two things he longs for the most.

As the world moves towards advanced technology, digitally designed paintings have been stealing the show. Utilizing the magnificent technology, Kenny has done a marvelous job illustrating the real essence of Tony Montana’s character through his digitally designed painting.

Colors play a significant role in defining certain strong emotions. As a masterful work of art, Kenny’s tinted green colored sketch is detailed to show the envy and hate in the eyes of Montana. While capturing the character’s delusional mindset that believes that the world truly belongs to him and no one else, Kenny has done a remarkable job depicting the character’s real self by using the perfect colors.

Cartel by Kenny is a pure illustration of Montana’s rage that depicts ruthlessness combined with insanity. Just like every person needs loyalty, friends, and family to live a happy and fulfilling life, those who lack these things usually have a tragic and unhappy ending. The art piece sends this important message that shows Montana’s demise in front of a cocaine mountain, which nobody would ever wish to have. In order to send out this message to the audience, Kenny has left a portion white and black, as lifeless as an individual’s life would be without the presence of his loved ones.

2. Taking his Inspiration to Another Level

Born on July 21st, 1972, in New York, Kenny grew up with a passion for art. From an early age, Kenny began dancing and soon formed an unbreakable bond with Hip-Hop. Starting his dancing career through street battle dances, Kenny became a professional Hip-hop dancer through his hard work and devotion to the field. In 2019, Kenny founded “Forever I Am Young Apparel” (FIYA), a brand that designs clothes for dancers, keeping it reasonable for the dancing community.

As a professional Hip-Hop dancer, Kenny had to face struggles that come along every artistic field. Through Cartel, Kenny has depicted the Hip-Hop community’s struggle who can relate to Montana’s rise from nothing to something. In order to experience success in any field of life, a determination is key. Many entrepreneurs connect with the determination he has embodied through his painting, necessary for success.

Scarface has been a great influence on Kenny ever since he came across it. Dancing for Kool G Rap, the pioneer of Mafioso rap displays the influence the movie took on him. While being a huge fan of the movie, he danced on tracks such as Road to the Riches, Streets of New York, and On the Run showed stories in a creative way inspired by Scarface. Since dancing on songs is similar to method acting, Kenny has translated his emotions through music.

As some movies manage to send out strong messages through their characters, Scarface has been able to do the same. Tony Montana, also referred to as Scarface in the movie, has been a source of inspiration for Kenny in several ways. Even though the character may come out as ‘negative’ to many people, Kenny has managed to keep the rest of the things aside and take the positive message from his characteristics and attributes that make Scarface stand out in the movie despite his strong beliefs. As depicted in Cartel, Kenny has learned how one should always be ready to take a risk, keeping in mind that risks always come with a cost. Keeping the character’s tough look in mind, the painting portrays that one should only value those who value you.

Building onto Montana’s powerful character, Cartel shows how essential it is to surround oneself with the right people, followed by knowing when to cut ties with someone. Taking Montana’s nature positively, Kenny has learned that to keep succeeding in life, it is important to always keep working towards one’s goals, which will act as a thrust to success. The foremost theory of life, as portrayed by Scarface, is never to cross someone first. While having done a spectacular job through Cartel, Kenny has depicted the true essence of Scarface and learning along the way how anything in life is possible if one puts their mind and heart to it.

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