The Best Cities in Europe for New Year’s Eve



Europe is one of the most exciting places to be in either as a resident or a tourist. When you are on this continent, there is no reason for you to limit yourself to the same locations on special events. New Year’s Eve is a very good example in this regard.

Being in Europe means you have the ability and opportunities to connect with new people, visit new locations, and enjoy some of the most stunning sceneries on the planet. Here are the best European cities that you need to consider when it comes to the celebration of New Year’s Eve. 

London, United Kingdom

London is probably the most exciting place to be in the world on New Year’s Eve. The reasons for this are very apparent because London is one place that gives you everything you want. The city is always lit up all over for this major celebration and practically everyone in the city bids farewell to the old year and welcomes a new one truly memorably. 

Once it is midnight on New Year’s Eve, you are going to be blown away by the sheer amount of brilliance in the night skies of this ancient city. The heavens explode in a fascinating mix of light and color, all thanks to the world-class pyrotechnics. Ushering in the New Year is a major event in London and you will never have a dull moment. 

The next day, the 1st of January is a continuation of the unforgettable celebrations of the night before. There are yearly parades with thousands of performers from all over the globe marching through the city majestically. You will have more than your fill of comedians, dancers, marching bands, acrobats, jesters, cheerleaders, and a lot more. 

Paris, France

The French capital is one of the most visited cities on the planet so it should not come as a surprise to anyone that is always packed on New Year’s Eve. It is the city of romance truly so you can enter a new year with your loved one in Paris. This elegant city has all the sites of attraction for you. Some of these include the old bridges, the timeless Seine, its high-class restaurants worshipped as temples of fine dining, and of course, the Eiffel Tower. 

If you ever find yourself in Paris for the New Year’s Eve celebration, then make it very memorable by enjoying the traditional delicacy made up of duckling breast, scallop ceviche, and Christmas log. Music lovers will find several live bands with their orchestras truly fascinating. Paris is like London when it comes to the sheer energy it oozes. 

Berlin, Germany

Storm the Brandenburg Gate with others to celebrate the end of the year and welcoming of a new and pleasant one. It will interest you to know that in a good year; as many as one million people converge at the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the most unforgettable ways possible. 

Berlin is ready to make your stay a truly memorable one. There are countless stress shows, light shows, laser performances, party tents, dance festivals, food corners, drinking events, and everything that can stimulate your senses. Join the Berliners to do more than clinking of beer mugs as you all welcome the New Year. The overnight parties of this most German of cities will leave you asking for more. 

Edinburgh, Scotland

This Scottish city is known worldwide for having one of the most interesting festivals specifically for the New Year celebration. It is called the Hogmanay and it is an event that no one should miss. As early as the 30th of December, all of Edinburgh is rocking and getting ready for the brilliant Torchlight Procession. 

Take part in this electrifying event by joining countless other torch carriers as they form a long line of fire and lights from the vintage Royal Mile to Calton Hill. While this is going on, you cannot but keep enjoying the non-stop entertainment, fireworks, outdoor bars, huge screens, and live shows. Grab a bite of local Scottish snacks as you enjoy your night. 

Porto, Portugal

If you are thinking of where you can enjoy your New Year’s celebration on the Iberian Peninsula, then this Portuguese city is the best destination for you. Several places in Porto are specifically designated for the celebration of New Year’s Eve. 

The outstanding parties all over the streets of this posh city will leave you dazzled as you enjoy the finest of music combined with the most aesthetic fireworks. The entire city lights up for you and all those who came to celebrate and the night is truly going to be one to remember for life. You will be amazed by the number of tourists who have also poured in from different parts of the world to be a part of the historic celebrations. 

Brussels, Belgium

This city is considered by many to be the heart of Europe so you should not be surprised by the bevy of cultural and tourist events all over the city. From classy bars offering legendary Belgian beers to authentic eateries pampering you with the finest chocolate, here is a city where you get all that you wish for on such a special day. The number of DJs on hand to make everyone excited will show the true party side of this Belgian city. 

Vienna, Austria

This list cannot be complete without mentioning the Austrian capital. Vienna explodes with uncontrollable dancing, merrymaking, and energetic dancing. The New Year’s Eve Trail situated in the Old City part of the capital is the star of the show. You will be swept away by the outbursts of excitement at the several festive balls or any of the countless gala dinners in this famed city. 

If you happen to be a music lover, then you can check out any of the hippy clubs, join the concerts or take part in an opera session. Whatever your dream is on New Year’s Eve, you can be very sure that Vienna is a place you are going to achieve it!  

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