The Benefits of Purchasing an Auto Knife and What Consumers Need to Know

Knife enthusiasts typically have one or more automatic knives in their collection. However, other individuals benefit from the purchase of a knife of this type. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also a practical choice for those who like to carry a weapon or tool. They work in a variety of situations thanks to their multiple uses. What are some benefits seen with an auto knife?


One reason people love an auto knife is this knife is safe to use when a person takes care. Their sharpness ensures they do the job the user wishes them to. In addition, the shape of this tool allows for enhanced control of the blade. Many users feel more confident when they have this added control, especially in those situations where safety must be the priority.


Manufacturers understand individuals need high-quality tools, particularly in emergency situations. They make these knives with high-quality materials to ensure they are ready for use at any time, even in rough conditions. Look for those knives made with stainless steel and aluminum if the knife will be used in challenging conditions. For everyday use, an automatic knife made of rubber or plastic would also be acceptable. Men and women may wish to purchase a knife of each type to ensure they have a tool for any situation they encounter.


Men and women who use automatic knives state they are the sharpest knives they own. As a result, users find they need to use less effort when they choose this tool over others available. The knife makes clean and precise cuts and more. This becomes of great importance when using the knife for some purposes.

Emergency Situations

A person might find themselves in an emergency situation at any time. In the event someone is bleeding uncontrollably, the knife makes it easy to cut clothing and locate the source of the bleeding to stop the flow. In addition, the knife becomes of great help in cutting this clothing to make bandages. Other people use the knife to make their trail when they are out in the woods so they can find their way without traveling in circles.


Nobody wants to find they are in a situation where they need to defend their life or the life of others. Sadly, certain individuals find they must do this, and the auto knife becomes of great help at this time. The compact knife is lightweight and sharp, making it the ideal weapon in a close contact fight. A person can tuck this knife into the pocket or handbag to remain protected at all times.


An automatic knife serves as an excellent investment. These knives are sturdy, strong, and ideal for numerous purposes. Spend more on a knife to get the highest quality when possible. However, even an inexpensive automatic knife offers excellent qualities no person should overlook.

Fire Preparation

People appreciate having an automatic knife when they wish to start a fire, especially when the weather is less than ideal. The knife helps to remove the wet exterior of a log or branch to expose the inner dry portion. A person finds they can use the knife to prepare tinder and spark the fire as well. Nobody can prepare for any eventuality while out in the woods, and having a knife for unexpected situations allows a person to go about their activities with confidence, knowing they can handle any situation that comes up.

The Legality of Owning an Automatic Knife

Men and women may wonder if they can legally own and possess an automatic knife. Many states have already taken the step of decriminalizing automatic knives or switchblades. As a result, more people now choose this type of knife, and online retailers make it easy to do so. However, a consumer must know that federal law prohibits interstate commerce of automatic knives. What does this mean for the average consumer?

Fortunately, The Federal Switchblade Act doesn’t stop individuals from crossing state lines while in possession of an auto knife. This law also allows people to travel by air with their knife, so long as they leave it in their checked baggage. The only thing the law prohibits is selling automatic knives across state lines. This means a person must take care when purchasing a knife from a retailer in another state.

Current law says a person cannot ship a knife using the United States Postal Service in most situations. There are a few exceptions, but most people aren’t aware of these exceptions to take advantage of them. If the government catches a person shipping automatic knives, gravity knives and ballistic knives using the USPS, they can be fined and put into jail for up to a year. In addition, the penalties increase if there is any criminal intent associated with the shipping activity. To avoid any issues, most people opt to use UPS or FedEx if they plan to ship knives between states.

Each state makes its own laws regarding the possession of knives within its borders. These laws apply when a person is traveling by surface or air in the state. For this reason, any person who plans to carry a knife across state lines will need to know the law of the state from which they will depart, any states they will pass through, and laws in their state of destination.

Furthermore, a state may allow for the possession of automatic knives, but jurisdictions within the state may retain the right to ban or limit them. This depends on the state constitution and any statewide preemption laws. It remains the responsibility of the knife owner to know the laws where they live, work, and travel. Ignorance of the law never serves as a good defense if a person is arrested for a crime.

Automatic knives are a great choice for many individuals. Be sure to check the many options available today to find the one right for your needs. There is a knife for every purpose and price point if you know where to look.

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