The Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers


Property owners must evaluate their options when it is time to move to a new location. A relocation project requires them to take on several tasks that they may not have the time or money to manage themselves. They will need to pick up heavy items and move them out of the property without personal injuries or property damage. Many people try to complete these tasks by themselves and face dire repercussions. moving and shipping is a time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process. When you hire professionals, you can cut down on the stress of moving and make the process easier and more efficient. A professional moving company may provide them with the best solution and greatest advantages when starting a relocation project.

Professional Services and No Worries

Customers that hire professional movers to complete a full relocation project and take all the stress off their shoulders. Professionals understand all aspects of the move and know what to do at all times. Property owners can rest assured that their belongings are taken care of, and the crew will manage the relocation project with the utmost professionalism. Property owners can learn more about professional moving services by contacting a Portland Oregon moving company right now.

Packing Services for Long Distance Moves

The movers provide everything their customers need for packing up their belongings and preparing for the move. For long-distance moves, the crew provides full-service packing for the customers. The customer sets up an appointment for the movers to come to their property and package all their belongings with high-quality packaging materials that prevent damage and keep all items safer throughout the entire transport. All boxes are labeled according to what items are inside them, and some service providers may credit an invoice for the items.

You Won’t Sustain Personal Injuries

When trying to relocate on their own, many people do not lift heavy items correctly, and this leads to serious personal injuries. They may also drop heavy items on their feet or throw out the back when trying to load the larger items onto their own vehicles. With professional moving services, the customer will never sustain personal injuries, and they are out of harm’s way the entire time.

You Won’t Sustain Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Most people who are planning a relocation project on their own do not consider the high costs associated with the project. First, they will have to pay for fuel for multiple trips from their current location to the next. By driving back and forth with heavier items on or inside their vehicle, the person will sustain significant wear and tear on the vehicle. If they overload their vehicle, it is also possible for them to sustain serious tire damage. By hiring a professional moving company, the person avoids all these negative outcomes entirely.

They Load and Unload the Trucks for You

A full crew loads everything onto the transport vehicle at the customer’s current property, and they unload everything when arriving at the new location. When comparing options, this could be the most compelling argument for hiring a professional moving company instead of renting a transport vehicle and moving everything on their own.

While it is possible to rent a transport vehicle at an affordable rate, the person will have to load and unload everything. This may take away time from their family or their job that the person just can’t afford. It will also increase the potential for injuries, and if they damage the transport vehicle, they have to pay for repairs.

The Crew Arranges Your Furniture to Your Specifications

Upon arrival at the new location, the full crew brings everything into the new home, and they place all the packages in the home according to the customer’s specifications. They arrange the furniture as the customer directs them, and if the customer doesn’t like how a piece of furniture looks, the crew will continue moving it until the customer is happy with the new location.

If the customer has ordered new furniture for the new location, they can make arrangements for the moving company to pick up the furniture and bring it to their new home. Some moving companies will include these costs in the total cost of the move and pick up the items on the way to the new location.

You Pay One Flat-Rate Fee for the Services

When calculating the cost of the moving services, the moving companies start with the mileage between the current and new location. Next, they add any additional services requested by the customer. For example, there are fees for packing services, and the movers will include fees for any waste management services required by the customer. Some moving services will eliminate items from the property that the customer no longer wants. While the services are convenient, they require a fee, and the service provider offers an itemized estimate for the services.

Insurance Options for the Move

Homeowners get some coverage for their belongings through their homeowner’s insurance policy, and the coverage applies from the time the transport begins until the movers arrive at the new location. However, professional moving companies offer additional insurance for the belongings that cover potential accidents that could happen during the transport.

Homeowners with high-value items such as antiques or artwork will want to purchase the additional coverage. If the items are damaged, lost, or stolen, the insurance pays for a replacement according to the appraised value of the items. The service provider offers a variety of coverage levels to meet the customer’s needs.

Property owners compare options when they are getting ready to move to a new location. Many people try to take on the task themselves, and this may lead to personal injuries and auto damage. They may try to get friends or family to help them, but the property owner may face liabilities if their friends are injured at any time during the transport. With a professional moving company, the property owner won’t face any of these challenges, and they can arrange to get all the requirements for the move managed for them. Professional moving companies offer a full crew to complete the transport and fulfill all the requirements for the relocation project.

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