Taurus Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Dec 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles might remain in an agitated state of mind, due to some relationship issues. They may keep stressing their point of view overtly at times. However, due measures to cool down might bring some improvement in the relationship during the later part of the week, and the couple may enjoy the pleasures of life. Married people may be stressed due to some family-related issues. Planetary movements suggest that this might not be resolved for now. Patience is key.


Planetary movements indicate that students pursuing higher education may not be able to focus on their studies due to some disturbance. They need to look for a quiet place for their studies. From around midweek, students may be able to find their rhythm and be well focused overall. Students pursuing graduation may make due progress. If you have appeared in competitive exams, the latter part of the week may bring some good news.


You may feel laziness during the week. You may do well to indulge in some physical activity regularly in the morning, to stay fit. You may do well to take due measures to keep your digestive system in order. Try to avoid heavy dinners late at night. This may lead to biological clock and digestive system imbalance. Your energy level might not be up to the mark.


Planetary movements indicate that you may remain in a sound position on the financial front. However, try not making any fresh investments here. It is better to maintain the status quo on the financial front. You might be inclined to spend money for charity or a social cause here. Due to the good inflow of money and money management, you may be able to save money here.


This week may not bring up any deal for negotiation for businessmen. However, minor deals may help run the business satisfactorily. Businessmen may be worried about competition. They may need to lower margins to score over competition. Job-holders may look for optional payment opportunities. Planetary movements may support salaried individuals on this count.

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